The Companies tab provides the list of all companies registered on the White label platform. Find, review, and edit profiles using the Companies tab. All profiles are created without any manual assistance due to external provider services. For additional information, see Web and Mobile Interfaces.

In order to sign in to Company’s web interface, it is necessary to sign in to the web interface of a Person, who is an Owner or a Company staff, and switch to the Company’s profile. Therefore, it is recommended that a corresponding Person’s profile is to be verified first.

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to see access company details:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.

  2. Click Banking on the left sidebar.

  3. Go to the Companies menu item to open the Companies List

  4. Click a Company name in the Name column to open the profile.

How to create a Company profile

By default, all profiles are created by external service providers. Keep in mind, you have to perform unassisted identification when creating a profile manually via the Admin Panel.

To create a Company profile

  1. Navigate to the Companies menu item.

  2. Click Add New in the top-right corner of the tab.

  3. Fill in the General form that also includes the following parameters:

    1. Verification levels (see Limits and Identification requests for details)

    2. Company type defining the group of clients the profile belongs to. The groups are configured in Dictionaries and allow White Labels to set limits and price lists per each group. See Dictionary for configuration details.

  4. Complete the Contacts field. The information is optional.

  5. Add legal address information to the Location field.

  6. Set a price list for commissioning in the Settings field (see Price lists for details).

  7. The defined limit is to be dependent on the verification level (see Limits for details).

  8. Set access roles in the Security field. See Access roles for details.

  9. Tags are optional.

  10. Click Create to submit the changes.

An existing Person is required to be stated as a Company owner. If the corresponding Person is not registered yet, see Persons for details.

Creating a profile

Component parameters

Companies list




The column demonstrates unique user identification numbers in the Crassula system. ID is generated when a profile is created.


The column includes company names. Click a Name to open profile details.


Company owners’ names are demonstrated in the column. Click a name to go to the Owner’s profile details. See Persons for additional information

Verification Status

Contact and document verification details:

  • Identified (email, phone number, and documents verified).

  • Phone verified (email and phone number verified).

  • Email verified (only email verified).

  • Not verified (none).


Restrictions set by KYC Administrators or Identification providers:

  • Active (no restrictions applied).

  • Suspended (outgoing transactions temporarily blocked until document submission).

  • Blocked (permanently blocked, no transactions allowed).


Company profile email address.


Company profile phone number.

Business type

Type of service delivered by the company.


Web site address related to the company.

Access roles

Access roles assigned to the company.

Created at

Date and time of registration.


  • Click Show to open the profile without the ability to edit it.

  • Click Edit to open a profile with the right to edit the details


Allow searching for profiles of companies by certain parameters. Search is filtered by the aforementioned parameters and the following additional filters:

  • Verification level - verification levels corresponding to the profile.

  • Access groups - administrative access groups assigned to the profile, if there are any.

  • Tags - optional tags assigned to a Company profile.

Add new

Create a company profile manually. See the previous sections for details.


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

Configuring the component

The Company profile is the main panel of company information display and editing.

Company details




Company information including the name, owner, and TIN. The field also includes the following parameters:

  • Company type—set the parameter to define the group of clients the profile should belong to. The groups are configured in Dictionaries and allow White Labels to set limits and price lists per each group. See Dictionary for configuration details.

  • Incorporation date—the date when the company was established. The parameter can be set only using the Calendar functionality.

  • Verification status

    • Identified (email, phone number, and documents verified)

    • Phone verified (email and phone number verified)

    • Email verified (only email verified)

    • Not verified (none)

  • Verification Level

    • Level 1 (email verified)

    • Level 2 (email and phone number verified)

    • Level 3 (email, phone number, and documents verified - the level is set manually)

    • Level 4 (email, phone number, and documents verified, the questionnaire is complete - the level is set manually)

    • Level 5 (custom requirements that can be used to extend the limits provided, the functionality can be enabled in the system configs)

  • State - restrictions set by KYC Administrators or Identification providers

    • Active (no restrictions applied)

    • Suspended (temporarily blocked until document submission)

    • Blocked (permanently blocked, no transactions allowed)

  • State reason is provided if the user is permanently or temporarily blocked. Not for public use.


The list of all Company’s accounts opened. Click an account number to see the account details. See Accounts for additional information.


Internal service details:

  • Price list is a set of fees applied to the user. See Price Lists for details.

  • Subscription plan defines the Tier level assigned to the client. See Dictionary for details.

  • Skip Transfer Pre Approval allows to deactivate the second stage of transfer approval by an Administrator. Even though, it is recommended to keep the approval active.


Essential fees presented in the Price List. Open the Price List to see the whole list of fees.


Company legal address.

Actual address

Company actual address


Emails, phone numbers and URLs related to the profile.

Package limits

Standard limits applied to the user after profile verification. See Limits for details.

  • The limit depends on the Verification Status; the better the verification status, the higher the Limit level is.

  • Thresholds pack is the applied limitations demonstrated in detail according to the Limit level.

Custom Company Thresholds

Set an individual limit for the Client using the Add new option. The functionality is available in the Edit mode.

  • Thresholds: Details on the applied limits.


An API connection to external service Providers. If any external service has been used, the API link is demonstrated in the field.

Top toolbar

Provides intersectional information correlated to the company – it can also be found in other Banking tabs. The essentials are the following:

  • Documents uploaded by the company

  • Accounts that are assigned to the company in the system

  • Staff related to the company

  • API keys applied to the Client

  • Clients - The list of the Company’s clients

  • Legal agreements signed by the company including changes and approval history

  • Notes created by an Administrator

  • Application forms assigned to the Client

  • Account provider configurations

  • Help—click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.