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[2022] Crassula Release Week 19

core v.22.05.4-22.05.7
client v.22.05.3-22.05.4

New Features

Crypto Vaults

Now it is possible to open Vault accounts in crypto currencies.


The new Dictionaries functionality is implemented. Now it is possible to add labels to clients' profiles and assign them to custom fee rules. See Dictionary and Price lists for details.


Administrative panel

  • The Help button is implemented in the Markup Fees and Orders sections.

  • The top sidebar of a Company profile remains visible when switching between the tabs.

  • The top sidebar of a Person profile remains visible when switching between the tabs.


Now Company profiles can be fully-verified via API.

Currency exchange

Now exchange transactions can be performed within a single multi-currency account. Currently, the functionality is available only for Clearbank accounts.



  • Some BTC deposit transactions took too long to be processed. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Litas recall transactions remained in the Pending state in case of failures. Now the status is changed accordingly.

  • Error 422 occurred when exchanging Fiat to BTC between Railsbank accounts. The issue is fixed.

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