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[2022] Crassula Release Week 36

core v.22.09.2-22.09.6
client v.22.09.1-22.09.3

New Features

Crypto vaults

Now Vault accounts are available in crypto currencies. The account type cannot be changed after creation. See Vaults for details.

Hold transaction

Now Hold transactions are available for RailsBank card accounts.

Local transfers

Now ClearJunction accounts support UK local transfers.


The ReCaptcha functionality is implemented for the Sign in and Forgot your password pages of the Web Interface.


Administrative Panel

  • The Help button is implemented in the Client Cards section of eCommerce.

Web Interface

  • The maximum length of the Cryptocurrency address field is increased to 128 digits.

  • The New primary account dropdown field is now visible in bold.

  • Country names are translated from English in the Create account page.


Administrative Panel

Redirection to the Company staff page could not be processed for some clients. The issue is fixed.


  • In some cases, approval requests could not be created automatically for BitGo transactions. The issue is fixed.

  • Railsbank credit payments are now successfully received by recipients and do not remain drarfted.

  • An error 500 occurred when making payments from crypto accounts without a service provider. The issue is fixed.

  • Exchange AED transactions could go to Drafted when the exchange rate was not available. Now the transactions remain Pending untill the rate is provided.

  • Fireblocks transactions could remain Pending for an undefined period of time. Now all the transactions are processed.

Web Interface

  • The Modify and Save as draft buttons could not be visible when creating a payment. The issue is fixed.

  • Wrong birth dates could be displayed in Settings for some clients. Now all dates correspond to client details.

  • The Add funds button was not available for some clients. The issue is fixed.

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