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[2022] Crassula Release Week 37

core v.22.09.7-22.09.12
client v.22.09.4-22.09.8

New Features

Tier upgrades in crypto

Payment for a Tier upgrade can now be accepted in crypto currencies.



Now the syncronization of account transactions is available for Railsbank external accounts. See Accounts for the functionality details.

Administrative Panel

  • Now the Use Defualt for field is obligatory for Banking Access Roles.

  • The Help button is implemented for the following sections:

    • Transactions (eCommerce)

    • Settlements (eCommerce)

    • Payouts (eCommerce)

    • Access Roles (Administration)

    • Administrators (Administration)

    • Dictionary (Administration)

  • The Agent Company field is now editable for Person Company profiles.

  • Now only the currencies listed in the config file are available for filtering in the Admin Panel.


Provider number and bitcoin address validation is imrpoved to process transactions when the recipient’s address is written in a wrong format.

Web Interface

  • Now it is possible to select the payment currency of a multicurrency account when upgrading Tier levels.

  • Now users with outdated browsers see the corresponding message when accessing the Web Interface.

  • The Account number field length is reduced to 5 digits for the international payments.

  • Monocurrency exchanges are no longer allowed in the Web Interface.


Administrative Panel

  • The remitter’s bank country code was not available for some incoming payments. The issue is fixed.

  • The number of Items per page could not be displayed for some pages. The issue is fixed.

  • The paymentMethod parameter did not correspond to the Provider field value for some UK chaps transactions. The issue is fixed.


Iorys, ClearBank and Railsbank outgoing local transactions are now correctly covered with fees.

Web Interface

The Access denied message appeared when withdrawing BTC to external wallets. The issue is fixed.

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