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Crassula Release Week 4

core v.24.01.4-24.01.6
client v.24.01.2-24.01.4



The new POST /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange/dry-run endpoint allows you to calculate fees and provide currency exchange rates without transactions. See Banking API for details.

Mobile Interface

  • The Download button is implemented for Savings to import statements.

  • Fiat batch payments are now available in the Mobile Interface.

  • The Fees section is now available in the profile settings. Click More to see the functionality.

  • The following improvements are delivered for White Labels delivering only company accounts:

    • The new Verify your identity window is implemented for company owners. The window is shown when a new user creates a business profile—the company owner will be requested to create a personal profile first. The functionality of opening a business profile becomes more obvious and straightforward for White Labels delivering company accounts only.

    • The Client account - List access role can now disable personal accounts in the Mobile Interface.

    • The Client transfers- List access role can now disable transfers from personal profiles in the Mobile Interface.


Minimum exchange limits are updated to correspond to Clear.Bank limits. See Clear.Bank for details.

Upcoming Updates



It will be possible to send outgoing card transactions and direct debit mandate payments to Huntli for transaction monitoring. The functionality covers transactions and payments created by the Railsr service provider.

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