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[2023] Crassula Release Week 47

core v.23.11.3-23.11.5
client v.23.11.2-23.11.3

No updates this week

We do not have any new updates to share this week. However, please check our Upcoming Updates section for exciting information about what's on the horizon!

Upcoming Updates

New Features

Introducing new endpoint

Introducing the new /api/tags/ endpoint: This addition addresses the need to add, delete, and update tags for Persons and Companies. Below is an overview of the functionality offered by the new endpoint:

  • Retrieve all tags on an object: GET /api/tags/object/<type>/<object ID>;

  • Add a tag:

    • POST /api/tags/object/<type>/<object ID>/<tag name>;

    • No body required;

  • Replace tags with a new set:

    • PUT /api/tags/object/<type>/<object ID>;

    • Body example: ["tag1", "tag2"];

  • Delete a tag: DELETE /api/tags/object/<type>/<object ID>/<tag name>.

This update aims to streamline the process of managing tags, enhancing the overall user experience.



Addressing an issue with the POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/swift endpoint: Currently, sending a request with an empty currency field results in a 500 error. The issue will be resolved by changing the error code to 422. We are also introducing maximum length limits for several fields as a measure to prevent the occurrence of 500 error that is currently triggered by excessively long field entries, thereby ensuring data integrity and consistency:

  • bankAddress: 100 characters;

  • beneficiaryAddress: 100 characters;

  • beneficiaryCity: 100 characters;

  • beneficiaryPostalCode: 32 characters;

  • beneficiaryState: 35 characters;

  • correspondentAccount: 40 characters;

  • correspondentName: 128 characters;

  • correspondentSwift: 15 characters.

All these changes will be also reflected in the API documentation.

API documentation

  • Introducing enhancements to the POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/sepa method description to improve clarity and accuracy:

    • BeneficiaryType field: Now marked as a mandatory field.

    • FromAccountIban and FromAccountName fields: Expanded to include Sending client's IBAN use only with finance type accounts.

    • Amount field: Removed the note For crypto transactions, less is allowed (16 decimal places) but not 0.

    • Descriptions for remitter fields: Updated descriptions for remitterAddress, remitterCity, remitterPostalCode, remitterState, and remitterCountryCode, changing Beneficiary's to Remitter's.

    • BeneficiaryType field: Removed the non-participating parameter TransactionBeneficiaryType::NOT_PROVIDED from the field description.

    • TemplateName field: Updated the description to include a maximum length of 32 characters.

These changes are aimed at providing more precise and useful information, ensuring that the API is easier to understand and implement.

  • We are scheduled to implement several key corrections and additions to the API documentation for the POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/internal endpoint. Additionally, new validations for the amount and currency fields will be introduced:

    • Improved error handling: In future, if a request is sent with all fields except either currency or amount, it will return a 422 error instead of the current 500 error, aligning with standard error handling protocols.

    • details field update: The details field in the documentation will be updated to accurately reflect a maximum length of 35 characters. Requests with details exceeding this length will receive a 422 error, correcting the previous discrepancy where the documentation stated a limit of 140 characters.

    • templateName field description: We will be adding a description for the maximum length of the this field, filling a current gap in our docs.

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