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[2023] Crassula Release Week 48

core v.23.11.9-23.11.10
client v.23.11.7-23.11.8

New Features

New legal document type

Introducing a new legal document type, Account Deletion, in the Administration/Legal Documents section of the Admin Panel. This update is also reflected in our API documentation: We have updated the description of the GET /api/public/legal-documents/{type} endpoint to include the new ACCOUNT_DELETION = 11 document type and the description of the 422 error. This enhancement is designed to streamline administrative processes and improve the functionality of our system.

Introducing new scoring functionality and endpoint

Introducing functionality that allows for the collection and processing of scoring information from Huntli, aiding in further risk levels adjustments. This update also includes a new endpoint, POST /api/clients/{clientId}/scoring/huntli. Additionally, a new filtering element, Risk Level, is added to the lists of Persons and Companies in the Web Interface. Clients can also choose whether to use this new functionality.

New account provider

Announcing the addition of a new provider, IFX Payments, for account operations with three currencies: EUR, GBP, and USD. Efforts are underway for the full-scale implementation of this provider, including transaction functionality. Stay tuned for further details about IFX Payments, which will be elaborated upon in our upcoming product updates.


Administrative Panel

  • Introduced a new access role, ROLE_WEBHOOKS_ALL, to provide access to the Webhooks section in the Admin Panel.

  • Improved the functionality related to tags: The process of creating tags for Persons and Companies is now corrected, and a new filter, Client Tags, is added to the Accounts section.


  • Currency Cloud provider introduced significant changes to several of their API endpoints. These changes directly affect clients using Currency Cloud services. Specifically, the following GET calls were replaced with corresponding POST calls:

    • GET /v2/contacts/findPOST /v2/contacts/find

    • GET /v2/beneficiaries/findPOST /v2/beneficiaries/find

    • GET /v2/accounts/findPOST /v2/accounts/find

      Additionally, the /v2/reference/bank_details API was not only shifted from a GET to a POST call but was also renamed to /v2/reference/bank_details/find, aligning with best practice conventions. For SDK users, we recommend to simply upgrade your SDKs to the latest version to accommodate these changes. For API users, we recommend to modify the GET calls to POST for the four affected APIs (listed above) in your code base and update the path of /v2/reference/bank_details to /v2/reference/bank_details/find as per the new naming convention.

  • Changes in the operation of the GET /api/public/legal-documents/{type} endpoint: The endpoint now returns a default document (a document with no Country Group configured or with a blank Country Group field) when a document for a specific Country Group cannot be found.

See Banking API for details.


Updated the Local Transfers (FPS & CHAPS) functionality: Added the beneficiaryPostalCode parameter. This enhancement is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ClearBank provider and aligns with their recent functional updates. This addition is also reflected in Web Interface.

Web Interface

  • Added the information about the fee to the card top-up window and to the From account field. This functionality is implemented with a help of the /api/clients/{clientId}/issued-cards/{id}/top-up endpoint and aims to reflect the amount of fee that will be withdrawn from the selected account.

  • Added the Onboarding page containing onboarding instructions and tips for new users.



  • Addressed an issue with the POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/swift endpoint: Previously, sending a request with an empty currency field resulted in a 500 error. The issue is resolved by changing the error code to 422. We have also introduced maximum length limits for several fields as a measure to prevent the occurrence of 500 error that was triggered by excessively long field entries, thereby ensuring data integrity and consistency:

    • bankAddress: 100 characters;

    • beneficiaryAddress: 100 characters;

    • beneficiaryCity: 100 characters;

    • beneficiaryPostalCode: 32 characters;

    • beneficiaryState: 35 characters;

    • correspondentAccount: 40 characters;

    • correspondentName: 128 characters;

    • correspondentSwift: 15 characters.
      All these changes are also reflected in the API documentation.

  • Updated the totalAmount field in the api/clients/{{clientId}}/currency/rate method. Previously, it rounded values to two decimal places, while an unrounded value was expected, similar to the case with crypto-to-crypto exchanges. This is now corrected to align with expectations.

See Banking API for details.

API documentation

  • Previously, the descriptions for the API endpoints listed below were missing crucial details. To improve clarity and understanding, we have made the following enhancements to these descriptions:

    • POST ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/issued-cards​/{id}​/change-pin: Added description;

    • POST ​/api​/public​/email-verification​/verify: Added description; Added endpoint to the "Persons" section as "Verify an Email."

    • POST ​/api​/public​/email-verification​/resend: Added description; Added endpoint to the "Persons" section as "Resend Verification Request."

    • POST ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/id-verification​/upload-document: Added description; Added endpoint to the "Clients" section as "Upload Client's Document."

    • POST​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/transfer​/dynamic​/{method}: Improved body description.

  • Fixed inconsistencies in the authorization field description for the following methods:

    • GET /api/reports/banking/currency-turnover

    • GET /api/reports/banking/accounting

See Banking API for details.


Previously, setting the Card purchase fee with both Minimum Fee and Maximum Fee parameters at 0 resulted in no fee being charged. Now the issue is addressed.


  • Users experienced an issue while trying to download reports from various sections of the Admin Panel. Now the issue is fixed, and the Reports functionality works as intended.

  • Users were encountering an issue where they could not download the latest data in reports, receiving data from previous days instead. This issue is now resolved, ensuring that all reports provide the most current and relevant data.


Previously, outgoing BACS transactions created externally and displayed on the provider's side were imported into Crassula without the ability to assign fees. This limitation is now addressed.

Web Interface

  • Previously, drafts for crypto payments displayed only two digits after the decimal point, following the format originally designed for fiat payments. This inconsistency is now fixed, and drafts for crypto payments display more than two digits after the decimal point.

  • Formerly, during Currency Exchange, when clients entered an amount in the You Get field, the You Exchange field remained empty. This issue has now been fixed with improved calculation and auto-fill functionality for the You Exchange field, ensuring the feature works as intended.

  • Previously, closed accounts were still displayed during Currency Exchange operations, despite being unavailable for selection. This issue is now addressed.

Upcoming Updates

New Features

Introducing new endpoint

Introducing the new PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/application-forms/{applicationFormId} endpoint. This addition specifically addresses the need for assigning application forms to clients.


Administrative Panel

Changes in the operation of the filter related to the Accounts section under Banking>Transactions: Users will now be able to filter accounts by the Suspended status and download corresponding reports.

API documentation

Introducing enhancements to the DELETE /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods/{id} and PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods/{id}/mark-as-default method descriptions. These improvements aim to enhance clarity and accuracy, particularly regarding the information on 2FA headers.


Introducing a new feature toggle to improve the functionality of the Contact Support button in user emails. This addition caters to the need for greater flexibility in how users can reach out for support. When enabled, this feature allows clients to add an external link to the Contact Support button in emails. If the feature toggle is left empty, the button will continue to function as it currently does.

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