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Crassula Release Week 5

core v.24.01.6-24.02.1
client v.24.01.5-24.02.1



Enhanced validation rules for the Recipient Name field in Local and SEPA, as well as SWIFT transactions:

  • For Local and SEPA transactions, expanded the validation to include additional symbols: period (.), comma (,), parentheses (), and the ampersand (&), and also increased the maximum character limit to 128.

  • For SWIFT transactions, added the period (.), comma (,), and parentheses () to the Recipient Name field validation.

Web banking Interface

  • Improved European transfers: For SEPA payments, the SWIFT/BIC field is now always visible but not editable; however, if the SWIFT/BIC cannot be found using the account number, it can be manually entered.

  • Added a filter for the Templates drop-down list when creating a payment, enhancing user navigation and selection.

  • Introduced the ability to customize wording in the Terms of Use and Policy fields during new user registration. Clients can now specify the White Label name to be displayed in these fields using the agreementWhiteLabelName configuration parameter. For detailed configuration instructions, please contact your account manager.


Administrative Panel

Previously, users could be created in the Administrative Panel without providing email and phone number details. This issue is addressed; now, an informational message will appear if a user is created without specifying information in the Email and Phone number fields. See Persons for more information.

API documentation

  • Previously, the description of the type field was missing in the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer-templates endpoint. This issue is addressed now.

  • Introduced significant improvements and fixes to the following Two-Factor Authentication methods API:

    • GET /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods

    • DELETE /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods/{id}

    • PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods/{id}/mark-as-default

      Key improvements include:

    • Model Descriptions: Enriched the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods response with detailed model descriptions, offering clearer insights into the data returned.

    • Type Validation: The POST /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods request now strictly requires the type to be a numeric value, improving data consistency and reducing errors.

    • Phone Number Validation: Adjustments to the phoneNumber field ensure it accepts only numbers, with length restrictions set between 8 to 20 characters.

    • Administrative Panel Visibility: While token information remains confidential and hidden, phone numbers are now visible in the Administrative Panel, balancing security with administrative accessibility.

    • Error Handling: Introduced a descriptive 404 error for attempts to delete non-existent TFA methods and a 409 conflict error for attempts to set an already default 2FA method as default again.


  • Previously, clients using the ClearBank provider experienced issues when creating transactions with description field exceeding 35 characters. The issue is resolved, and a 35-character limit is implemented for the description field.

  • Users encountered an issue when sending requests to ClearBank with the request body that included the & sign. This issue has been resolved by replacing the & sign in the clientName field with a space (' '). This adjustment was necessary to comply with the provider's validation rules, which do not allow payments if the user's account name contains the & sign.

Upcoming Updates



We are enhancing our transaction monitoring capabilities with a significant refinement to the transaction_check.provider: gfs configuration. By introducing a new imported property to transactions, we aim to specifically identify those requiring verification in Huntli. This enhancement will be applied to outgoing card transactions and outgoing direct debit mandate payments imported through Railsr, which will then be automatically forwarded to Huntli for checking.


We are introducing a new page on the Decision-making system to our Help Center. This page will showcase Crassula's innovative decision-making system, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline client verification and account opening processes in financial services.


API documentation

We will be enhancing our API documentation by introducing detailed descriptions and response models for the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/phones endpoint, and correcting the response body for the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/emails endpoint to ensure accuracy.

See Banking API to follow the upcoming updates.

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