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[2023] Crassula Release Week 51

core v.23.12.4-23.12.5
client v.23.12.2-23.12.3

New Features

Profile deletion

The Request account closure functionality is implemented for the Web Interface. Now clients can request closure of their profile: they can be requested to accept the Account deletion legal document or be navigated to the support. If the corresponding config is not enabled the account is closed automatically. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, the document validity of Utility bills expired in 90 days resulting in multiple notifications. Now, the validity of the document type can be manually extended to a custom period.

  • Now filters require full field values when filtering lists by an ID or account number. The improvement increases processing velocity.

  • The following changes are implemented in Banking reports:

    • The Beneficiary column is renamed to Account Holder.

    • The Beneficiary Status column is renamed to Account Holder Status.

    • The new Account Status column is created.

  • The Person and Company details windows are provided with the Tags section.


  • Model fields of the GET ​/api​/public​/is-email-valid​/{email} and POST ​/api​/check-profile-password-available​/{clientId}. Direct debit mandates are extended to provide more details and precise examples.

  • The recipientName field is now validated in the following methods to allow letters with diacritical signs

    • /api/clients/{{clientId}}/transfer/swift

    • /api/clients/{{clientId}}/transfer/sepa

    • /api/clients/{{clientId}}/transfer/local

  • The new GET /api/clients/{clientId}/client-limits-exceeded API endpoint is implemented to provide a list of all exceeded limits sorted by type for one client. The new endpoint differs from GET /api/clients/{clientId}/is-exceeded-client-limit by the thresholdTypes parameter that provides an array of threshold types.

See Banking API for additional details.

Mobile Interface

  • The Beneficiary ownership stake field is now available for company creation processes initiated via the mobile app.

  • A new confirmation pop-up window is implemented to inform clients of the 2-day unfreeze period when blocking a card.

  • Now it is possible to define which legal documents must be shown depending on the country group the user is related to. The functionality is available on the sign-in page for personal and company profiles.

  • The new tfa_by_scope config of client_tfa_required is now compatible with Mobile Interface to define which actions require 2FA.

  • The Request account closure functionality is improved for Mobile Interface: the client can be requested to accept the Account deletion legal document or be navigated to the support. If the config is not enabled previous functionality remains and the account is closed automatically.


Mobile Interface

The Exchange functionality could disappear when switching between personal and company profiles with different access roles. The configuration is no longer cached and works as intended.

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