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A Fees report provides details on the fees charged by the White Label to its clients over a specified period. The report includes information such as the type of fee, service providers, and the amount charged.

The Fees report is a critical tool for White Labels to analyze their fee revenue and to monitor their fee-based services' performance. White Labels can use the report to identify which fees generate the most revenue and which fee-based services are the most profitable. This information can be used to develop and adjust fee structures and fee-based services to maximize profitability.

The Fees report can also be used by White Labels to ensure compliance with regulations related to fee disclosure and fee transparency. By analyzing the report's data, White Labels can identify any discrepancies between their fee practices and regulatory requirements and take corrective actions as needed.

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Opening the item

Follow the steps below to access Fees reports:

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of the Admin Panel.

  2. Click Banking on the left sidebar

  3. Go to the Fees menu item.

How to export a report

Most of the banking reports are sufficient without being exported, though there is always a possibility to export them as an .xls, .csv, .json, or .xml file.

To export a report

  1. Navigate to the Fees reports window.

  2. Set the Date from and Date to parameters to define the time period that must be considered. The parameters are mandatory.

  3. Click Filter. The list will be updated according to configuration.

  4. Click Download and select a file type for export if you need to access the report outside of the Admin Panel.

Fees report

Component parameters



Fee type

The type of commission available in the system. See Price lists for additional details.


The service provider that is responsible for payment processing.


  • In: The fee is charged for incoming payments.

  • Out: The fee is charged for outgoing payments.


Payments currency.

Fee count

The number of fees charged per fee type. All payments made in one direction, with the same provider, and in the same currency are considered.
For example, there are 10 outgoing SEPA payments in EUR during the period; according to the price list, a 2 EUR fee is charged for each payment. Thus, the fee count will equal 10, while the total amount will be equal to 20.


The total amount of commissioned payments.

For example, there are 3 outgoing SEPA payments in EUR during the period: for 1000 EUR, 560 EUR, and 40 EUR. The volume will be 1600.

Total amount

The total amount of fees per fee type.

Earned amount

The total amount of fees charged per fee type. Applicable for White labels with multiple projects.

Debt amount

The total amount of fees that cannot be charged and remain pending due to lack of funds in the account.

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