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Referral codes


This guide is designed to assist platform owners in deploying and tracking referral codes. These codes are integral to promotional campaigns, attracting new users, and providing insights into the effectiveness of marketing efforts. The document will walk you through the process of incorporating referral codes into URLs for distribution and monitoring their usage through the administrative panel. By following the outlined steps, platform owners can effectively manage and analyze referral marketing strategies.

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  • Access to the Administrative Panel.

  • Feature flag registration.referral_code enabled.


Step 1: Create a Referral Code

  1. As a platform owner, create a referral code for a marketing campaign. For example, a campaign made in a Facebook cryptocurrency group might have the "crypto_week" code.

  2. Incorporate the referral code into a promotional URL. The URL should be structured as follows: with the crypro_week code set as the referral_code query parameter.

Step 2: Distribute the Referral URL

  1. Send the URL containing the referral code to the moderator or administrator of the marketing platform (e.g., a Facebook group).

  2. Ensure the advertisement or promotional message contains the URL with the referral code.

Step 3: User Registration with Referral Code

  1. Potential clients click the referral link and are directed to the platform registration page.

  2. The referral code is automatically populated in the registration form if the link is structured correctly. Users can enter the referral code manually if necessary.

  3. The /api/public/register registration endpoint accepts the referral code in the referralCode field, validating it to be up to 250 characters.


Step 4: Track Referral Codes in the Admin Panel

  1. Log in to the Admin Panel.

  2. Navigate to Banking > Persons or Banking > Companies depending on the client type.

  3. Filter the list by the Referral code parameter.

  4. The list will be updated to contain only profiles with the same Referral code parameter value.

  5. Select a profile and click Show to open its details.

  6. Navigate to the Metadata section to access the referral code details and additional tracking parameters.


Additional Information

  • The logic for generating referral codes is managed by the platform owner and outside of the Crassula system. Confirm the generation process and any specific requirements with your technical team.

  • The presence of the referral code field in the registration process is solely controlled by the feature flag; ensure it is enabled for the code to be recognized.

Contact our support team for any further questions or assistance.

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