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[2021] Crassula Release Week 33

v21.08.4 - 21.08.6


Account statements

The XLS Account statements of the Web Interface have been adjusted to PHP 8. Now the reports can be downloaded successfully.

Card issuing limitations

The functionality of the card-issuing limitation per client is updated. If the number of cards per client is limited and a client is trying to issue an extra card exceeding the configured limit, the Order new card button will not be available. The limitation can be configured by a Feature change request if allowed by the corresponding service provider. For additional information on card issuing limits, contact your manager. For additional information on the user interface, see Banking Web Interface and Banking Mobile Interface.

eCommerce Transactions

  • The Fraud monitoring mode has been adjusted to PHP 8. Now the report is loaded successfully.

  • The date filtering has been adjusted to PHP 8. Now the exported list of transactions provides the dates set in the filter.

Fees check report

Now the Fees check report of eCommerce is improved to include only Active transactions. Therefore, there is no need to filter out Active transactions manually.

Issued cards provider config

The section is deprecated and removed from the Administrative Panel.


The Payouts section of eCommerce is improved to be loaded faster.

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