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Banking Mobile Interface

Banking Mobile Interface is a mobile app that provides access to essential Banking services, starting from account opening and ending in exchanging cryptocurrencies. The following guide is leading the user through the basics of Banking Mobile Interface and provides instructions on the actions available.
The app is available for iOS and Android devices, while the guide demonstrates the iOS version.

The Mobile Interface design varies depending on the visual solutions of the White Label providing the service. Nevertheless, the interface structure and functionality are implemented according to the following guide.


The Mobile Interface consists of several functionality fields that provide quick access to all the necessary details of your accounts in <White Label>. See the image below to navigate across the interface:

  1. The Account tab provides the details on all accounts opened by the user and defines the default account. Every time you select an account from the list and access its details, the account is considered to be default and is shown in the Home page.

  2. The default currency used to calculate total amounts.

  3. The Balance field demonstrates the sum of funds on the default account.

  4. The Quick Access field includes the most frequently used actions: topping up, currency exchange, savings, and default account details.

  5. The Transaction history demonstrates recent transactions in the default account including transfers, fees, and card transactions.

  6. The Navigation sidebar is the main navigation instrument to switch between Mobile Interface functionalities.

Signing up

An existing profile is required to have access to all the Mobile Interface functions. Follow the steps below if you have not registered yet:

  1. Open the <White Label> app.

  2. Click Sign Up to start creating your profile.

  3. Fill in your email and set a password and click Next.

  4. Fill in your personal details and click Continue.

  5. Acquaint yourself with the Terms and Conditions and confirm it by enabling the corresponding tumbler.

  6. Click Create account.

  7. Your profile is successfully created and the Primary account is opened automatically.

  8. Check your email for the identification link provided by the service. Follow the instructions to verify your email address.

  9. Once your email is verified you will be navigated to a phone verification link. Enter the verification code sent to your phone to verify your contacts.

  10. Navigate to the document verification page to upload an ID document.

  11. Complete the questionnaire (optional).

  12. Wait for the document approval (takes up to several minutes).

  13. Once the document approval is complete, the primary account is activated.

  14. Navigate back to the <White Label> app to log in using the newly created credentials.

Signing up

Signing in

To sign in for the first time

  1. Open the <White Label> app.

  2. Fill in your credentials for authorization.

  3. Set a passcode to access the app.

  4. Enable biometric authorization. It is also possible to do it later in the Security section.

  5. The Mobile Interface will be opened.

  6. All further authorizations will require only your passcode or biometrics unless you log out from the app.

To recover your password

  1. Click Forgot Password? below the Sign-in form. The password recovery window will be opened.

  2. Enter your email address and click Reset.

  3. The password recovery email will be sent to your email - follow the instructions to reset your password.

  4. Navigate back to the <White Label> app and log in using the updated credentials.

Signing in


The Primary account is always opened automatically once the user profile is created. All additional accounts are not limited in quantity and can be opened manually via the Mobile Interface. Select an account from the list to set it as default.

To open an account

  1. Click Account in the top-left corner of the Home page. The window with the list of existing accounts will be opened.

  2. Click + New in the top-right corner.

  3. Set the account name in the text field.

  4. Click Create account to confirm account opening.

  5. Once the new account is opened, its details appear in the Accounts list.


The Savings tab provides the list of all Vault accounts created. A Vault is an interest-bearing bank account that has a pre-configured maturity date. The money must remain in the account for a fixed period of time in order to earn the stated interest rate.

To open a Vault account

  1. Click the Savings tab in the top sidebar. A window with the list of existing Vault accounts will be opened.

  2. Click New Saving account in the top sidebar above the list of accounts.

  3. Set the account name in the Set Saving account name field.

  4. Select a Saving rate from the drop-down list.

  5. Select your account to transfer funds from.

  6. Enter the deposit amount and select the account currency.

  7. Click Create Saving account to confirm account opening.

  8. Once the new account is opened, its details will appear in the Savings list.

  9. Click the Statement button to download the list of transactions made in the savings account.



The Mobile Interface provides a convenient way to deposit funds from external cards and accounts.

To top up your account

  1. Click Add money in the quick-access field of the Home page.

  2. Select the Instant top-up option to deposit from a debit or credit card <the option depends on the card acquirer>

  3. Select the account to top up in the Add funds to field. The default account is selected by default.

  4. The currency correlates with the selected account.

  5. Enter the sum to deposit in the You send field.

  6. Click Continue to confirm the transaction details.

  7. Fill in the details of a card to charge the sum from.

  8. Click Continue to confirm the transaction.

It is also possible to use a manual bank transfer to top up from an external account. The solution is delivered as account details for manual transfers.

To access account details

  1. Navigate to the Home page.

  2. The default account will be shown by default. Select a different account in the Account tab if needed.

  3. Click Details.

  4. Click Share to export account details.

  5. Use the details for further transfers.


Being a fully functioning Banking instrument, the Mobile Interface delivers several ways to execute transfers.

To browse account history

  1. Navigate to Payments in the Navigation bar.

  2. Transfers: the tab allows you to browse the transactions recently requested from their accounts and the templates available. Click a transaction to see its details.

    1. Templates: the tab delivers a solution for creating templates. The transfer template is a time-saving instrument that provides a way to execute recurrent transfers from a previously created template. Follow the steps below to create a transfer template:

      1. Click Create template.

      2. Select a payment method for the template.

      3. Fill in the recipient details.

      4. Add a description and set the name for the new template.

      5. Select an account from the drop-down list to transfer funds from.

      6. Click Continue to confirm the changes.

  3. History: the tab allows the user to browse all the transactions requested from their accounts. Navigate across the transactions and details using the actions above the list. Click a transaction to see its details.

  4. Drafts: the tab contains the details of all unfinished transfers created in the Web- and Mobile Interface. Select a draft to continue filling in the transfer details.

To make a transfer

  1. Navigate to Payments in the Navigation bar.

  2. Click the Send money button in the bottom-right corner to transfer money.

  3. Select one of the following transfer options:

    1. To <White Label> client - the tab allows the user to execute an internal transfer to a client within the same financial service. You can make payments to an existing  <White Label> client using their e-mail, phone number or @username instead of account details.

    2. UK Local transfer: the tab allows the user to execute a transfer inside the United Kingdom. The transfer requires general account details, such as the recipient’s name, account number, and sort code.

    3. European transfer: the tab allows the user to execute a transfer to a country inside the European Union. The transfer requires an extended list of account details, such as the recipient’s name, IBAN, and legal address.

    4. International transfer: the tab allows the user to execute a transfer to a country outside the EU and UK. The transfer requires the full list of account details, such as the recipient’s name, IBAN, SWIFT, and legal address.

    5. To my account – the tab allows the user to transfer funds between their own accounts.

    6. Select a template from the Templates list, if one is present, to import the previously saved transfer details.

  4. Fill in the payment details and click Continue.

  5. Add payment description and click Continue.

  6. Make sure all the details are correct.

  7. Click Confirm payment.

You can set the Set template name check box in the form to save the transfer details as a template. A saved template will be available in the Templates list.

Batch payments

Creation of a new batch payment

To create a batch payment, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Mobile Interface, navigate to the Payments > Batch section.

  2. Click Add new.

  3. On the Upload Batch screen, select an account from the list of available accounts and a payment method that is supported by the selected account.

  4. Click Add a file to import the list of payments. See the CSV template details subsection for additional details on the file fields.

  5. Click the Upload batch button to complete the uploading. A dialog confirming that the file has been uploaded successfully will appear.


As a result, the batch payment will appear in the list on the Batch tab. All newly created batch payments have the Waiting for approval status.

For more information on statuses, see the Checking the status of a batch payment subsection.

Currency exchange

The Mobile Interface allows to exchange currencies between your accounts by means of several clicks. Follow the steps below to exchange currencies in the Mobile Interface (existing accounts in both currencies of the exchange pair are required):

  1. Navigate to Exchange in the Quick access field.

  2. The account to exchange currency from is the default account. Switch the Default account in the Accounts tab if needed.

  3. Set the exchanged amount in the You exchange field.

  4. If your account is multi-currency, no additional actions are required. When exchanging funds from a single (mono) currency account, another account in the target currency is required.

  5. Select the target currency from the drop-down list next to the You get field.

  6. The target amount will be offered according to the <White Label> exchange rate. The calculated Fee will be charged as a separate transaction.

  7. Click Exchange to confirm the transaction. The target amount will be transferred to your account in the corresponding currency.


The Mobile Interface allows to issue new cards and manage their functionality.

Issuing a new card

To issue a new card

  1. Navigate to the Cards tab.

  2. Click Add card.

  3. Fill in your personal details (for plastic cards only).

  4. Fill in the shipping details and select your shipping options (for plastic cards only).

  5. The card is issued for a card account. See account details in the Account tab.

  6. Verify the order information and select an account to charge the issuing fee from in the Payment method option.

  7. Click Confirm order to issue a card.

  8. Plastic cards are delivered within <two week’s time>. Virtual cards are issued immediately.

The number of cards per profile can be limited. Contact <White Label> for additional details.

Managing an existing card

Select a card to configure from the Cards list. The following managing options are available:

  • Convert to plastic (for virtual cards only): initiate issuing of a new plastic card instead of the virtual one.

  • Top-up: transfer funds between own accounts to top up the card account. The functionality supports multicurrency accounts.

  • Freeze card: the option disables all transactions and withdrawals for the card. Click the tumbler to freeze the card and click once again to unblock it.

  • Card details (for virtual cards only): the option provides the full card number and its security code. Use the option to get the card details for online payments.

  • Settings: set a daily limit for the card. Navigate to Spending limit and click the tumbler to configure the restrictions.


Navigate to More in the Navigation bar to manage your profile details.


The Profile section provides general information on your profile including the following:

  • Personal details: Edit your address, though all the new information is to be verified by additional documents.

  • Contact information: Edit your contact details, though all the new information is to be verified.

  • Username: Set a username to receive funds using internal transfers without revealing your account number.

  • Subscription plan: Upgrade and downgrade your subscription to manage pricing rules for the banking service.

  • Documents (optional): Import your documents, send them for verification, and access the previously uploaded documents.

  • Fees (optional): Access the pricing rules applied to your profile if available.


The Security section provides a convenient way to set additional means of your profile protection:

  • Change passcode: change your profile passcode. The current passcode is required.

  • Sign in with Touch/Face ID: click the tumbler to turn on/off biometrical authorization.

  • 2-step Verification: enable additional means of profile protection that includes the following (only active clients can change their 2FA details):

    • Text message: confirm app activity using codes sent as text messages to your mobile phone.

    • Authenticator app: confirm app activity using either Google Authenticator or Authy.

  • Change password: change your profile password. The current password is required.

About us

The About us field provides links to <White Label> social media. Subscribe not to miss new features.

The Legal section provides the following:

  • <White Label> legal documents.

  • Support center.

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