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Crassula quotas and limits

This article lists the quotas and limits that apply to Crassula.


We impose quotas and limits on different requests in order to safeguard the system from an excess of data it cannot process and to maintain a fair allocation of system resources. The limits and quotas are subject to change.

The number of registrations per hour

Quota on the number of registrations per hour from a single IP and the total number of registrations per hour:



In case of exceeding the quota, the API returns an error with code 429.

If the client uses their own front-end and a custom IP address is used in the clienIp field during the registration via API (endpoint /api/public/register), the QUOTA will also be applied to the specified IP. Custom IP addresses can only be used with API keys.


Quota for SMS messages based on phone number, IP address, and client ID:





This quota enhances security to prevent unauthorized use of number generation on the same IP or client profile.

Other quotas and limits

Issued cards

To see the limit set for a particular card, navigate to Admin panel>Card Issuing>Issued cards, click the card from the list, and open the Limits tab.

For information on issued cards, see Card Issuing:

Transfers and transactions

For information on limits applied to transfers and transactions, see Limits.


Limits configured by the deposit_limits parameter:

  • not_verified: 0

  • email_verified: 250

  • phone_verified: 1000

  • identified: 15000

The default value is deposit_limits_default_amount: 1000.

Other eCommerce limits:

  • client_limit_allowed_currencies: [ EUR ]

  • client_limit_validity_period:

  • - transaction: '180 days'

  • - withdrawal: '30 days'

  • client_limit_show_account_transaction_count: 5

The transaction_filter_default_limit parameter

For the /clients/{clientId}/transactions and /reports/transactions endpoints the parameter is configured as follows:

transaction_filter_default_limit: 100


The Huntli functionality involves passing the limit value, which is either provided by the client or set as the default value:

client_default_monthly_limit: 1000000000

API error codes

Below are the API error codes that apply to limits in Crassula:

  • 429

  • 422

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