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Card Issuing

Card Issuing is an additional Crassula product that is mostly used in combination with Core Banking. It provides the necessary API solutions to issue fully functioning virtual and plastic cards for Clients. All cards are issued by service providers – the White label only requires transaction monitoring and clearing.

Main functionality

Cards issued by Clients - See Issued cards to monitor all cards issued by your Clients.

Card transactions - the list of transactions is delivered by a service provider for monitoring and confirmation if one is necessary. See Issued card holds and Issued card transactions for details.

Clearing is the main source of information when cards get declined. See Clearing process log and Issued card failed auth to learn how to monitor the transactions processing information.

The Card issuing section of the Knowledge base provides an overview of how to operate a card issuing service and the Administrative Panel itself. Navigate to the child pages of this section to learn the process.

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