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[2023] Crassula Release Week 13

core v.23.03.14-23.03.14
client v.23.03.13-23.03.15


Web Interface

  • Improved wording on the Dashboard and the Accounts → All accounts pages for cases when users have no active accounts.

  • Now fees are displayed for the outgoing payments when making a payment from a draft.

  • Improved account selection functionality in Payments & transfers: Now the first suitable account is offered to select when making a payment.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, admin users were getting a 500 error when trying to edit a transaction. Now the issue is fixed. See Transactions for details on the functionality.

  • Filtering did not work when applying the Person and the Company filters together for an Access Group. Now the issue is fixed: Users can simultaneously apply the Person and the Company filters (as well as Merchant, Operator, and Project filters) for an Access Group.


Previously, manually created fees involving ClearBank accounts were charged only on the Crassula side, yet being never charged on the ClearBank side. Now the issue is fixed. See Transactions for fee creation details.

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