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[2023] Crassula Release Week 15

core v.23.04.3-23.04.4
client v.23.04.2-23.04.3

New Features

Client labels for transactions

The new ClientLabel transaction field can now be sent to Huntli to define a Crassula project. The solution allows to use one Huntli profile to monitor transactions of several projects and differentiate them in the service provider interface. Contact your manager for configuration details. See Huntli for a general overview of the service provider.



The Pending state is now deprecated for transactions. Note that the Pending status remains. See Transactions for details on the functionality.

Web Interface

Now scheduled payments are validated to be created in the future. Past date and time values are no longer supported and lead to an error message. The improvement is also propagated to the Banking API. See Web and Mobile Interfaces for details on the functionality.



Some Pending transactions could be counted twice when counting limit thresholds. Now transactions are processed as intended.

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