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[2022] Crassula Release Week 29

core v.22.07.12-22.07.18
client v.22.07.6-22.07.9

New Features

Top up option for Vaults

Now it possible to top up a Vault account of the On demand type. See Vaults for functionality details.

Transaction logs usability

The new Show more button is implemented in the Admin Panel for transactions logs. Now the default field length is 20 log lines; if more, the button will expand the log section.



The new Provider Currency filter is implemented for Admin Panel Accounts. See Accountsfor additional details.

Administrative panel

  • The Help button is implemented in the Merchants section.

  • The Currency field for Recurring fees is now filled with a default currency if not specified.


Now it is possible to verify a client if the Country field is not stated. In such a case, the client will be considered as a non-EU citizen with a more serious level of check.



Intercash accounts could not be closed or activated in exceptional cases. The issue is fixed.

Administrative Panel

  • Top sidebar headers did not correspond to the opened window when switching from a personal profile to profile companies. The issue is fixed.

  • Crypto accounts with one service provider could not be renamed. The issue is fixed.

  • Fireblocks gas station transactions are removed from the Admin Panel and Web Interface.

Merchant Dashboard

An API error occurred when requesting settings from a merchant profile. The issue is fixed.


Fees for incoming transactions with preapproval could not be approved automatically. The issue is fixed.

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