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[2023] Crassula Release Week 44

core v.23.10.12-23.11.1
client v.23.10.9-23.11.1



The new /api/clients/{{clientId}}/transactions/{accountTransactionId}/exchange-rate endpoint is implemented. It allows to request an exchange rate for a currency pair.

See Banking API for details.

Open API

  • The 2FA functionality is now available for the profile switch, consent, and payments in the front-end.

  • The X-Confirmation-Code and X-TFA-Type fields are removed from the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/open_api/{authState}/payment Open API endpoint.

Web Interface

  • The interface of the top-up window for cards is improved. Now you can exchange currency right at the moment of transaction creation which decreases the number of steps in the top-up process. The You exchange field is also renamed to You send.

  • The new modal window is implemented to suggest opening a company profile right after logging in or registering as a person. The functionality is implemented for WLs that provide business accounts only.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


Web Interface

Previously it was possible to go through the card issuing process even if the functionality was disabled in system configs or access roles. Now the issue is fixed and clients are not provided with the functionality when it is disabled. A corresponding error message is implemented.

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