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[2023] Crassula Release Week 7

core v.23.02.6-23.02.9
client v.23.02.9-23.02.12

New Features

New functionality for users with Agent role

The Documents tab was added to the Persons and Companies sections of the Administrative Panel so the administrators with an Agent role can have access to client’s documents via the new entry point.

Also, the administrators with an Agent role can now exclusively upload reports from the Reports->Banking->Charged Fees section for companies and company clients that belong to the assigned Agent.

New API methods for transfer fees

The following API methods were added for transfer fees:

  • GET /api/client-fee/transfer-fees

  • GET /api/client-fee/transfer-fees/{id}

  • PUT /api/client-fee/transfer-fees/{id}

  • DELETE /api/client-fee/transfer-fees/{id}

  • POST /api/client-fee/transfer-fee

Now it is possible to to create, view, change, and delete transfer fees for transactions.

See Banking API for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • Improved the Transaction Edit section functionality: Now it includes the ability to decline a transaction and specify a reason for it . This functionality was also added to the access roles, where you can now grant access to it to Super admins, Admins, and Agents.

  • The visual appearance of price lists was improved. 


  • Added an ability to send the CHAPS payments for CurrencyCloud.

  • Added an ability to send the BACS payments for ClearBank.

  • Added an ability to perform transactions using confirmation code instead of CVV for the Swan issued cards.

See Transactions for more detail.

Web Interface

  • The number of decimal places is increased for the Daily Vault reward balance. Now it can be calculated up to 6 decimal places.

  • The following fields were added to the Account details dialog: Bank Country, Bank address, IBAN, Sort code, Registration number, TIN, and Routing number.

  • The account filtering rule based on the available currencies is now applied when creating Saving accounts: Now only the accounts of the same currency or multi-currency accounts corresponding to the selected currency are displayed to clients.

  • Improved wording in the Transaction details dialog.

  • Added the Account details dialog for the crypto currency accounts.

  • A number of Web Interface elements were localized in the following languages:

    • Arabic

    • Bulgarian

    • French

    • German

    • Italian

    • Japanese

    • Portuguese

    • Romanian

    • Spanish

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, it was not clear that Bank Name and Bank Country fields were obligatory to fill in, though it was always required by the system. Now the issue is fixed and the fields are marked with an asterisk as obligatory ones.

  • Previously, client accounts without a SumSub configuration were put in the suspend state after the identification request was approved. Now the issue is fixed and suspension of a client account does not occur after legal name check.

Web Interface

The Skip Transfer Pre-Approval functionality became unresponsive. Now the issue is fixed and the function is working properly.

Email Notifications

Previously, a sort code was not sent via an email when activating an account in ClearBank. Now the issue is fixed and the sort codes are sent to the clients as it was intended.

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