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Severity levels

Some request forms contain the Severity field where you can set different levels of damage caused by a bug or security issues. Severity levels are not related to speed i.e. how fast your requests will be processed; though they are tied to different specialists and processes. Selecting a wrong severity level can actually prolong the resolve time because issues will bounce between different departments. If you are unsure, please select Moderate and ask your client manager to adjust the level after request evaluation.

Severity levels




Minor impact on business operation. It can be a text typo, wrong pictures, something not working as usually, UX/UI glitches not affecting business directly.


Partial functionality degradation - a product or a service are working, but not completely. Your clients or agents can still use the core functionality.


Significant functionality loss, some parts or services have stopped working and the fact affects your business.


Business halted, services or products not working entirely.

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