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[2021] Crassula Release Week 36

v21.09.2 - 21.09.3

New Features

Payment confirmation checkbox

Now transit payments to buy cryptocurrencies can be executed in one step. The new checkbox is implemented to skip the payment confirmation stage and execute the payment immediately. For additional information on payments and transfers, see Banking Web Interface.

Skip transfer pre-approval by default

Now it is possible to add a system config to avoid transfer pre-approval for all clients in the system. After the system config is applied, the option remains available for manual change in the Administrative Panel. For additional information on profile configurations, see Personsand Companies.


File export

Now it is possible to export larger files when downloading transaction lists and reports from the Administrative Panel. The system will prepare large reports and will inform the user with the “Export in progress” message. Once the preparation is done, the download will start automatically. It is recommended to keep the window open. The improvement is applied to all file formats in the following sections:

  • Banking account transaction list

  • eCommerce account transaction list

  • Banking accounting report

  • eCommerce accounting report


Action buttons appearance

Some action buttons in the Banking Web Interface were not leveled. The issue is fixed.

eCommerce transactions status

Some failed transactions of Sberbank eCommerce provider remained in the Processing status. The issue is fixed.

Persons list filtering

The issue of the non-functioning filter by email is fixed. Now the filter in the Persons list works correctly.

Transaction status update

The Updated at parameter of eCommerce transactions was refreshed every time a status request was sent. Now the parameter is updated only when the transaction status is changed.

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