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Charged Fees (Banking reports)


A Charged Fees report provides details on the markup or spread charged by the White Label on foreign currency exchange transactions and on the Change verification level or Subscription fees charged from the clients. The report includes information such as the currency pair, the date of the transaction, the exchange rate, and the markup charged.

The Charged Fees report is a tool for White Labels to monitor and manage their foreign currency exchange operations. White Labels can use the report to identify which currency pairs generate the most revenue and which markup rates are the most profitable. This information can be used to develop and adjust markup rates to maximize profitability.

The Charged Fees report can also be used by White Labels to ensure compliance with regulations related to foreign currency exchange transactions. By analyzing the report's data, White Labels can identify any discrepancies between their markup practices and regulatory requirements and take corrective actions as needed.

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to access Charged Fees reports:

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of the Admin Panel.

  2. Click Banking on the left sidebar

  3. Go to the Charged Fees menu item.

How to export a report

To export a report

  1. Navigate to the Charged Fees reports window.

  2. Click Download and select a file type (.xls, .csv, .json, or .xml ) to export the report and open it outside of the Admin Panel.

Charged fees report

Component parameters



Fee Type

The type of commission available in the system. See Price lists for additional details.


The name of the account owner.


Account number.


Transaction ID. Click the ID to access transaction details.


Transaction status. See Transactions for additional details on transaction statuses.

Charged amount

The total fee/markup amount charged from the account.


The exchanged or charged currency.

Currency pair

The currency pair the markup fee is set for (Exchanged currency - Target currency).

Exchange amount

The initial transaction amount in exchanged currency the markup fee is related to. For example, if the exchange is requested for EUR-USD, the parameter value will be expressed in EUR.

Provider rate

The exchange rate delivered by the service provided. Not visible to the clients.
Once the transaction is made according to the client rate

Client rate

The exchange rate visible to the client which is considered for execution. An FX markup is included into the rate.

FX Markup

The built-in markup charged from the client for the conversion. The markup is not visible to clients and is already considered in the client rate. The parameter is expressed as a percentage.

Charged At

Date and time when the fee is charged.

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