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[2022] Crassula Release Week 15-16

core v.22.04.8-22.04.15

New Features

Exceeded limit behavior

The new action type is implemented for limit thresholds. The option allows to only decline the transaction without any other actions performed when a threshold is breached. See Limits for additional details.

FX transaction limit

The new FX transaction amount threshold is implemented for Limits. Now it is possible to set limitations for currency exchange transactions. See Limits for additional details.

New languages

The following languages are added to the Web Interface:

  • Arabic

  • Bulgarian

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • Romanian

  • Spanish

Create a request in the Help Center to enable the localization. See How to create a request for instructions.

New verification level

The 5th verification level is implemented to customize end-user limits. See Identification requests and Limits for details on the verification process and limitations.


Now the currency exchange system supports slippage. The new functionality allows to process exchange transactions even if final quote values have changed due to high volatility. The functionality is not available by default. Contact your manager for configuration details.

Transaction import

Now it is possible to request a list of card transactions directly from a service provider. Currently, the functionality is available for Intercash cards. See Issued cards for details.


Administrative panel

The Password field of an Administrator profile is provided with an asterisk an a confirmation field.

API access

Now the API access restrictions are improved. The improvement covers profile creation and update via API.

Currency exchange

Now currency exchange orders support callback and postback requests.


  • Now the Recipient name and Description fields are validated when a local transfer is created in the Web Interface.

  • Now the Recipient field is validated when creating templates and internal transfers.

Verification levels

Now the names of Verification levels are validated to be unique.

Web Interface

  • Now the Username field is validated in the Web Interface settings.

  • The BRZ currency is provided with an icon.



IBAN generation was not successful for some ClearJunction accounts. Now the issue is fixed.

Administrative panel

  • The Password field was mandatory when editing the name in an Administrator profile. Now the issue is fixed and the profile password is not required.

  • App icons crossed each other in the How to enable 2FA window when requesting an auth app from an Admin.

Currency exchange

Previously, currency exchange transactions could lead to negative balance in case of insufficient funds. Now the issue is fixed and it is not possible to process currency exchange orders without enough funds.


Some transactions could be duplicated for ClearBank interledger accounts. The issue is fixed.

Verification level

In some cases, custom names set for Verification levels could not be displayed. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

In some cases, the sidebar menu backgroud was gray. Now the issue is fixed.

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