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[2023] Crassula Release Week 24

core v.23.06.4-23.06.6
client v.23.06.5-23.06.7



  • The 404 error is implemented for exchange transactions in an unsupported currency pair.

  • The rate field is removed from the /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange endpoint.

See Banking API for details.


  • ClearBank transactions sent from Virtual GBP to Virtual GBP accounts are now resolved as internal transactions. Fees are also created according to the transaction type.

  • Automatic sync for transactions is now supported by ClearBank accounts.

See Transactions for additional details on the workflow.

Web Interface

  • Commissions for UK local transfers are now defined in user Settings for all supported types (for example, CHAPS and FPS).

  • Now the brackets signs are automatically changed to a blank space when resolving a Bank name from an IBAN.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


Administrative Panel

Errors of various types occurred when performing actions with business accounts from the profile of a related person. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

QR codes generated for ETH transfers were not functioning. Now the issue is fixed and QR codes work as intended.

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