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[2023] Crassula Release Week 40

core v.23.10.1-23.10.2
client v.23.10.1-23.10.2



Now, when creating UK local transactions and sending recipientBankCode via FPS, BIC/SWIFT and SortCode are saved. Previously, recipientBankCode retained the BIC/SWIFT field, but the SortCode remained null.

See Transactions for more information.


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, administrators would be logged out when refreshing the page after their session had expired, and they were not redirected to the login page. Now, when the session is approaching its expiration, administrators will receive a notification. If logged out, they will be directed to the login page.

  • Formerly, agents had access to users who were not related to them through reports. Now, this issue has been resolved, and access roles are functioning as intended.

See Access roles for details.

API Documentation

In the /api/reports/banking/accounting.{format}, /api/reports/banking/currency-turnover.{format}, and /api/clients/{clientId}/statement endpoints, some of the parameters were not titled correctly. The following updates were made to improve clarity:

  • The Default value is renamed to Example value;

  • The String parameter is updated to array[string].

See Banking API for details.


The calculation of hold transactions made with cards belonging to one account contained inaccuracies, which led to the display of an incorrect balance. Now the issue is fixed.

See Transactions for more information.

Web Interface

Previously, users encountered issues while sorting batch payments because they were arranged in a disorderly manner. The issue is resolved, and batch payments are now sorted chronologically by date and time.

See Fiat batch payments for more information.

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