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[2023] Crassula Release Week 49

core v.23.12.1-23.12.2

New Features

Account statements

Now you can export account statements from the client details window. The functionality allows to specify accounts for export and is implemented both for persons and companies. See Persons and Companies for details.


Administrative Panel

The Tags column is now implemented for exported lists of companies and persons.


The new https://client.crassula.localhost/api/tags/ endpoint is implemented. It allows you to set custom tags to a company or personal profile. See Banking API for details on the endpoint.

Web Interface

  • The Recipient Name field is now validated for SEPA, Local, and International transfers not to include special symbols.

  • The Description field value can now be limited to 6 symbols for all transfer types excluding Dynamic International and Worldwide Local. The functionality is also implemented for corresponding API endpoints and is enabled in system configs.

Upcoming Updates



The new API endpoint GET /api/clients/{clientId}/client-limits-exceeded will be implemented to provide a list of all exceeded limits sorted by type for one client. The new endpoint will differ from GET /api/clients/{clientId}/is-exceeded-client-limit by the thresholdTypes parameter that will provide an array of threshold types.

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