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[2023] Crassula Release Week 6

core v.23.02.2-23.02.5
client v.23.02.3-23.02.8

New Features

New card issuing provider

The new SWAN card issuing service provider is announced for future integrations. Contact your manager for configuration details.

Withdraw all functionality

The new Withdraw all button is implemented for savings and crypto accounts. Now the client can withdraw the maximum available amount from an account. Fees are also considered when withdrawing funds from a crypto account; thus, only sums available for withdrawal will be suggested. See Banking Web Interface for additional details.


Administrative Panel

Previously, manually created fees could not be tracked in the Admin Panel. Now logging details are available in the Activity log section when an Administrator creates a fee. See Transactions for fee creation details.


The following API methods are provided with new fields related to subscription plans:

  • PUT /api​/price-list​/{id}

  • POST /api​/price-list

  • GET /api​/price-list​/{clientId}

  • GET ​/api​/price-list​/list

Now it is possible to see a subscription plan and assign a price list accordingly.

See Banking API for additional details.

Exported files

Account statements are provided with timestamps for each transaction in the list.

Web Interface

  • Web Interface loading speed is increased. Now interface models are cashed to avoid repeated data downloads. ​

  • The Remitter account number field is no longer visible to clients when opening details of interest-accruing transactions.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.



GBP local payments (FPS) were not working when performed by ClearJunction. Now the issue is fixed and FPS payments can be sent.

Web Interface

  • Cryptocurrencies could be available for selection even though internal crypto transfers are not provided by Crassula. Now the issue is fixed and crypto currencies are not suggested when making an internal transfer.

  • Transaction dates were not visible in the list of transactions. Now the issue is fixed, dates and timestamps are now set for all transactions.

Deprecated functionalities

Rietumu Elink Pro

The Rietumu Elink Pro (Elinkpro sepa) service provider is no longer available for integration.

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