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[2023] Crassula Release Week 9

core v.23.02.14-23.03.1
client v.23.02.17-23.03.1


Administrative Panel

  • Logging is provided for Iorys and ClearJunction accounts. Now it is possible to monitor account opening and activation activities in the Logs section of Account details. See Accounts for additional information.

  • The new Verification status filter is implemented for the list of companies. See Companies for additional details.

  • Logs in the following sections are now sorted from newest to oldest:

    • Exchange Orders

    • Transactions

    • Accounts

    • Persons

    • Companies

Web Interface

  • The new Sort code field is implemented for local CHAPS transfers performed by ClearJunction. The functionality is provided by default and can be disabled in system configs.

  • Now the Withdraw all button color corresponds to White Label corporate colors.

  • The list of accounts in the Card issuing window is filtered according to the issuing fee currency. Now only accounts in corresponding currencies are available for selection.

  • The No available accounts opened message is implemented for the Dashboard. Now the message is shown if the client has no opened accounts.

  • The new error message is implemented to define the absence of exchange rates for the selected currency pair.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.



Interledger transactions could be created for incoming SWIFT transfers processed by Railsbank (Railsr). Now the issue is fixed and interledger transactions are created only for outgoing transactions as intended.

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