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Transactions (action required)


The Transactions (action required) tab provides the list of transactions that require additional actions, such as recalls for refunds. Refunds can be approved or declined in the tab (for example, a transfer that has been sent to a Client by mistake can be sent back to the sender, if the Client confirms the cancellation).
All transactions are created by Clients and executed by external service providers.

There are three transaction tabs in the left sidebar (the interfaces are identical):

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to access transaction details:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  2. Click Banking on the left sidebar.

  3. Go to the Transactions (action required) menu item.

  4. Click Show in a line to open transaction details.

Component parameters

Transactions list



Created at

The column demonstrates the date and time of transaction creation.


Includes the transactions sums.


Defines the account numbers the transaction belongs to.


Defines the transaction types that are the following:

  • Deposit

  • Fee

  • Refund

  • Transfer

  • System Deposit

  • Currency conversion

  • Recall

  • Card Purchase

  • Card withdrawal

  • Cashback


Defines the transaction status:

  • Draft

  • Pending (cannot be set manually)

  • Completed

  • Declined

  • Refunded


The debited account owner name.


The transfer beneficiary names and account numbers.


The service provider delivering the transaction execution.


  • Click Show to open transaction details with no right to edit them.

  • Click Edit to open transaction details available for editing.

  • Click Approve to confirm the transaction and execute it.

  • Click ✖ Decline to stop transaction execution within the pre-approval functionality. All related fees are declined automatically and transaction status is updated on the service provider side.

  • Click — Decline to manually decline a transaction on the White Label side. Note that the functionality is different from the Pre-approval decline: all related fees are not declined automatically and transaction status will not be updated on the service provider side. You can change the status back to Complete in the Edit mode. Use the action only in exceptional cases.

Add new

Create a transaction manually, see Transactions for details.

All transactions are created automatically by service providers; therefore, the transaction creation functionality is designed for testing and/or exceptional cases, such as manual operational needs (for example, charging unique fees).


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

Configuring the component

There are two panels for transaction review and editing.

Transaction details

Transaction editing



Transaction details


The field includes general transaction information including an internal id, related account numbers and Clients, sums, and currencies.

Bank Details

Demonstrate the essential banking details including SWIFT, IBAN, and legal addresses.

Additional information

Provides the information on the transaction service provider and a reference transaction (if provided).

Reference Transaction

A “reverse” of the initial transaction. Every transaction charged from an account will be credited to another one. For example, a fee charged from a user will be transferred as a commission to a Bank cash account – in this case, the credit transaction on the cash account is a reference transaction of the initial fee.


The field demonstrates the list of pre-approvals if applied.

Top sidebar

Navigate among Details, transaction Logs, Comments, and Check alerts using the top-side menu.

Transaction editing


Transaction state defines, whether the transaction is drafted, waiting for approval, complete, or declined. The transaction state is changed by the transaction service provider; change the state only in case of emergency. Note, if you change a transaction state, it will be updated only in the Crassula system. The following list defines all transactions states with corresponding API codes that can be required by development teams:

  • Draft (API code - 0)

  • Opened (API code - 1)

  • Processing (API code - 2)

  • Pending (API code - 3)

  • Cancelled (API code - 4)

  • Failed (API code - 5)

  • Declined (API code - 6)

  • Approved (API code - 7)

  • Completed (API code - 8)

  • Refunded (API code - 9)

  • Waiting for approval (API code - 10)

  • Ready to process (API code - 11)

  • Cancel processing (API code - 12)

  • Refund processing (API code - 13)

  • Recall receiving (API code - 14)

  • Recall processing (API code - 15)

  • Recall failed (API code - 16)

  • Quarantine (API code - 17)

  • Waiting for action (API code - 18)

  • Waiting for check (API code - 19)

  • Waiting for funds (API code - 20)

  • Undetermined beneficiary (API code - 21)

  • Scheduled (API code - 22)

  • Amount and Details

  • Parameters are set by the service provider for transfer execution, change them only in case of emergency.


Transaction amount.


The field allows changing the banking details in case of any errors and misprinting.

Once a transaction is complete it is not possible to change its Bank Details. In order to manage the banking details, the transaction state is to be rolled back manually.


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

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