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[2023] Crassula Release Week 11

core v.23.03.7-23.03.10
client v.23.03.5-23.03.8


Administrative panel

  • Irrelevant parameter is removed from the Transaction details dialog. Now the Payment from field is not shown when the Details parameter is not specified in the Administrative panel. See Transactions for additional details on the parameters.

  • Improved naming of the fields: Now the Photo field in the Client Profile section is renamed to the Update field.


The new local_chaps_address method is implemented for the Currencyсloud local transfers. If its value is set to true, the following new fields are displayed in the Mobile Interface:

  • Beneficiary address

  • Beneficiary city

  • Beneficiary country

See Banking API for additional details.


Increased the funds transfer speed for Railsbank (Railsr) transactions: Replaced the weekly automated import of previous transactions with daily one.

See Transactions for more detail.


The new Emergency shutdown page is now available to lead you through the administrative function that serves to restrict some or all banking payments. See the Emergency shutdown page for more detail.

Web Interface

  • The new MAX button is implemented for savings and crypto accounts in the Mobile Interface. Now the client can withdraw the maximum available amount from an account. Fees are also considered when withdrawing funds from a crypto account; thus, only sums available for withdrawal are suggested.

  • Improved functionality of the multi-currency accounts in the Mobile Interface: Now it displays balances of all the account’s currencies, even if there are no funds. Previously, only primary currency balance was displayed by default.

  • Added the escape button to the Create new passcode screen. Previously, it was not possible to return to the previous screen without specifying a new passcode.

  • Improved the visual appearance of the crypto currency balance field: Now the crypto currency name and its network type are replaced with the corresponding crypto currency icon.

  • Changed logic of using the Withdraw all button: Now the button is disabled if the fee currency does not match the transfer currency or the min and/or max fee amount is specified in the price list for outgoing transfers.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.



Previously, the validation for API methods creating a fiat transaction was missing. As a result, it was possible to create a transaction with 0 funds. For example, a transfer created via the "amount": "0.0000001", "currency": "EUR" API request would result in 0 EUR transaction. Now the issue is fixed and the "amount" parameter is validated.

Administrative Panel

Filters across the Administrative Panel interface did not reset after deleting specified attributes. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

Fixed a visual appearance issue: Increased the width of the currency drop-down menu across the Web Interface so the currency amount number fits the screen.


  • Previously, when using an existing draft for creating a Clear Junction CHAPS local payment, users experienced an issue with selecting a payment method and had to create drafts from scratch. Now the issue is fixed and payment methods functionality works correctly.

  • Previously, the Account number and the Postal code fields in international transfers and the Sort code field in local transfers were not validated. Now the issue is fixed.

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