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[2023] Crassula Release Week 14

core v.23.04.1-23.04.2
client v.23.04.1

New Features

Deletion of price lists

Now it is possible to delete one or several price lists. The functionality is covered by the implemented checkboxes and Delete buttons. If a price list is assigned to a client, it will not be deleted even when its checkbox is set. See Price lists for additional details on the functionality.

License footer for emails

The new page footer is implemented for email notifications. Now you can enable custom license text, which will be shown under the message body of an email notification. The license text is generated automatically from the details provided to Crassula.

Provider balance in Accounts

The new Provider column is implemented in the Balances section of Account details. Now it is possible to instantly compare Provider and Crassula balances before synchronizing transactions. The feature is also supplied by the Balance Reconciliation filter to search for accounts with a difference in balances. The functionality is available only for ClearJunctionReal, ClearBankRealGbp, and ClearBankRealMccy providers. See Accounts for additional details on the functionality.


Administrative Panel

  • The following filters are implemented for the Orders section of Exchange:

    • Amount

    • Rate

    • Created At

    • Processed At

    • Provider

    • Provider Order Id

  • Now it is possible to define transaction currencies for display in the exported statement of a multicurrency account. Transactions in other currencies will not be included in the report. See Accounts for details.

  • The new is not equal to option is implemented for State and Status filters in Transactions. See Transactions for functionality details.


The /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/available method is implemented to define whether transfers are allowed for a person or a company. The method is supplemented with the new transfer_disable_by_verification_level config that disables transfers for a personal profile in case of a verification downgrade due to expired documents. For example, the transfer_disable_by_verification_level: [ 0, 1 ] config will disable transfers for Verification level 0 and Verification level 1. See Banking API for additional details on the method.


Order details of crypto FX transactions are requested from Kraken up to 3 times to make sure the order status is changed. The solution allows to avoid divergence in states between Crassula and Kraken.

Web Interface

Now Crypto transfers are not available to clients without active crypto accounts. Once an active crypto account is opened, the functionality is provided. See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.



Some transactions remained Pending and Waiting for check due to configuration issues. Now all transactions are processed as intended.

Web Interface

An error occurred when deleting a profile email address in one tab and adding a new one in another tab of the Web Interface. Now the issue is fixed and the actions are processed consecutively.

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