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[2023] Crassula Release Week 17

core v.23.04.10-23.04.14
client v.23.04.8-23.04.10


Administrative Panel

The client, transaction, and account logs are now sorted from newest to oldest when accessing the full list of logs via the Show more button.


The new informative message is implemented when activating a Railsr card via API. If the CVV field value is integer, a 422 error is shown to inform the client of the wrong value type; only the string value type corresponds to the format. See Banking API for details.


  • Added the escape button to the Create new passcode screen on the first sign-up. Previously, passcode configuration was available only in the Settings window.

  • Now either the Face ID, Touch ID, or app passcode is required to copy the card number from the card details window.

  • The Registration: disabled/enabled config is now working for Mobile Interface. The functionality allows to disable/enable Persons' registration in the Web and Mobile Interfaces.

  • Now it is possible to filter transactions by currency before exporting multicurrency account statements.

  • The Add money, Details, Exchange, and Savings buttons are now available for non-verified clients: A pop-up window is opened on click to inform that the verification is required.

See Banking Mobile Interface for details.


The new Password change notification email is implemented to inform a client of changes made to their password. See Notifications for details on the flow.

Web Interface

The Account number or IBAN field in LocalCHAPS payments is now renamed to Account number to represent the transfer specifics. See Banking Web Interface for details.


Mobile Interface

FX markups were included in the conversion rate when calculating an account balance in the Default. Now FX markups are no longer considered when calculating equivalent balances.


  • Some outgoing transactions remained Pending due to internal issues with the Try again functionality for Fireblocks. Now the issue is fixed and transactions remain Pending only for 3 iterations before being declined/completed, as intended.

  • Account IBAN was used for Local CHAPS payments and led to payment requisite errors. Now Account numbers are used for Local CHAPS payments, as intended.

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