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[2023] Crassula Release Week 2

core v.23.01.4-23.01.9
client v.23.01.4-23.01.5


Administrative Panel

  • The functionality of Vault creation and depositing is back in the Admin Panel. See Vaults for functionality details.

  • Newly ordered cards are now identified with their IDs until card numbers are generated. The improvement covers the list of issued cards in the Account details window. See Accounts for additional information.


The SELF method is provided with an extended description of the 409 error. Transfer failure reasons are now evident due to the informative message. See Banking API for details on the method.


Local CHAPS Railsbank (Railsr) transfers are now provided with logging details when being declined after manual approval. See Transactions for functionality details.

Web Interface

Network details are now provided for TUSD in the Top up window. See Web and Mobile Interfaces for functionality details.


Administrative Panel

The Charged fees access role did not grant any permissions to Administrators. Now the issue is fixed and the corresponding section can be opened.


Wrong transfer fees could be applied to some Internal transfers due to failures in the payment method identification. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

  • Tier upgrades could be performed without any upgrade fee being charged. Now the fees are applied according to the standard procedures.

  • An error occurred when upgrading to a free subscription plan with no funds in the account. Now free upgrades are successfully performed even in case of zero balance.

  • Vault accounts could not be created if a White Label supported an enormous number of currencies. Now the issue is fixed and the number of supported currencies does not affect the process of Vault creation.

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