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[2023] Crassula Release Week 23

core v.23.06.2-23.06.3
client v.23.06.2-23.06.3


Administrative Panel

Added new industries to the Business type list: Now the Agent - Payment facilitator and the Finance - Liquidity provider business types are available both in Administrative Panel and Web Interface.

See Accounts for additional information.

Web Interface

  • Improved visual appearance of the Add funds screen and its related windows.

  • Implemented a password confirmation field to the registration form.

See Banking Web Interface for details.



Users got the loading failed error message while creating a transaction from the Administrative Panel. The issue is fixed.

See Transactions for more detail.

Web Interface

  • Previously, users were not notified about the change of fees in a price list. The issue is fixed and users can now see a pop-up message when fees are changed.

  • Users experienced an issue with duplicating UI elements while interacting with the authenticator application setup form. Now the issue is resolved.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for details.

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