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[2023] Crassula Release Week 34

core v.23.08.7-23.08.8
client v.23.08.5-23.08.7

New Features

Custom email footers

Now you can configure email footers in the Application settings>Company Data>Email window. Once you enter the footer text, the functionality is automatically enabled in the system config.

Two additional options can be enabled in the configs:

  • statement.show_legal_name: true: Show the WL’s legal name in the footer.

  • statement.show_registration_info: true: Show the WL’s registration details in the footer.

Contact your manager for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • The Suspend/Unsuspend button is implemented for Modulr accounts. See Accounts for details.

  • All Transaction creation fields are now validated. See Transactions for field description.


The PATCH​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/companies​/{companyId} method is improved to show which fields are incorrect in case of 422 errors in the response. The method model is updated correspondingly. See Banking API for details.


Profile details sent to SumSub can now be shared with Huntli. The functionality is enabled by the transaction_check.features.use_huntli_sumsub system config and allows to keep all client data in one service provider. See Verification and authorization solutions for details on the service providers.

Web Interface

Now the 500 error message is replaced with 403 to show the exact reason of failure. The improvement covers the use case of entering incorrect SMS codes to confirm an additional number. See Banking Web Interface for details.



Errors in the Remitter name mapping to Huntli could result in Beneficiary names being shown instead in the service provider interface. Now the issue is fixed and all names are mapped correctly.

Web Interface

  • When logging in after session expiry some visual elements were not displayed. Now the issue is fixed.

  • The minus sign was duplicated for holds and there was no space between the sign and the number. Now the issue is fixed.

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