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[2023] Crassula Release Week 38

core v.23.09.4-23.09.5
client v.23.09.4-23.09.6


Administrative Panel

  • The Any access role is renamed to None and the functionality is improved to be more precise. If the None option is selected, the role will not be applied automatically—manual assignment will be required. See Access roles for details.

  • Banking reports can now be exported in the .json format. See Banking Reports for details.

  • Now it is possible to access a price list assigned to a profile right from the profile window. Links to price lists are implemented.


  • Now you can define a BIC for each account currency using the bic_currency_mapping system config. The functionality covers AplonHub accounts. Contact your manager for configuration details.

  • Now the debit part of internal transfers is processed after the credit part is complete.

  • If the Provider Order Id field is not assigned at the moment of exchange order creation, the order is no longer declined.

See Transactions for details.

Web Interface

  • Now the window background is darkened for all pop-up windows in the Web Interface.

  • Now bank name, bank address, and country are autofilled if IBAN or SWIFT is entered in the transfer creation form. The functionality is provided for international transfers.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


Administrative Panel

Empty access roles with no permissions allowed some clients to perform all actions in the Web Interface. Now the issue is fixed and access roles work as intended.

Web Interface

If the create_primary_account config was disabled, it was not possible to open an account. Now the issue is fixed.

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