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[2023] Crassula Release Week 39

core v.23.09.8-23.09.9
client v.23.09.7-23.09.7


Administrative Panel

Split the local_manual fee in the price lists related to the None provider into two separate fees: local_manual_fs and local_manual_chaps. Any fees set up prior to this change will be automatically replicated in both local_manual_fs and local_manual_chaps.

See Price lists for more detail.


  • Introduced the POST/api/clients/{clientId}/issued-cards/{id}/top-up/dry-run method. This method serves to perform calculations based on the conversion rate and the amount of fee for the card top-up. This functionality will also be reflected in the Web Interface in upcoming product updates.

  • Improved the PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/accounts/{number} method: It now supports synchronizing an account created in Currencycloud with a client created via the Crassula API.

See Banking API for additional details.

Card Issuing

  • Enhanced the workflow for converting virtual cards to plastic: Added a dialog that provides more detailed information about the conversion process.

  • Added a new setting that allows fees to be charged from the pooling account, rather than from the client's card, during the conversion of a virtual card to plastic. This update is applicable to clients using the Intercash provider.

See Card Issuing for more detail.

Web Interface

  • Added a new dialog for card freeze confirmation. This also informs clients using the Intercash provider that unfreezing the card may take up to 2 days.

  • Enhanced currency amount display in the Web Interface: Removed currency display from fund amounts and transaction history and introduced a separate currency column. Corrected the icons for USDT.t and USDT.p currencies and updated the icon representation for multi-currency accounts.

  • Renamed the To another client transaction type to To another user and repositioned the To my account transfer section.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


API Documentation

Improved the display of status and type filters for the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/transactions request.

See Banking API for details.


  • Previously, transactions from the aplonHUB provider with BIC numbers exceeding 15 digits encountered processing issues. The issue is fixed, and transactions are now processed irrespective of BIC number length.

  • During automatic approval, transaction amounts were counted twice. As a result, transactions that shouldn't have been part of the limit were mistakenly included in it. Now the functionality works as intended.

See Transactions for more information.

Web Interface

Previously, users encountered an issue when inadvertently entering non-Latin symbols while setting up a password. This issue is resolved; users can now incorporate symbols from any alphabet, including Cyrillic and Greek.

See Banking Web Interface for details.

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