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[2023] Crassula Release Week 42

core v.23.10.7-23.10.10
client v.23.10.5-23.10.7


Administrative Panel

  • Now you can filter accounts by date of creation in the Accounts windows. See Accounts for details.

  • The new Beneficial Owner Ownership Stake field is implemented for company shareholders to define their share in the company in percentage. The new field is supported by SumSub. The functionality is also implemented in the Web Interface and API. See Companies for details.


  • Now the following methods support 2FA configuration:

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/open_api/profiles

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/open_api/consent/confirm

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/open_api/{authState}/payment/confirm

  • The name and value client metadata parameters of the PATCH ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/person method are validated not to exceed 256 and 4096 digits respectively.

See Banking API for details.


Account BICs are now validated according to the ISO 9362:2022 standard.


Now the status of Intercash cards converted from virtual to plastic is inherited from status details on the Intercash side.


  • Now you can define whether informative emails should be sent to clients when generating IBANs. Contact your manager for configuration details.

  • Now you can define CC recipients in emails that are sent for unfrozen cards. Contact your manager for configuration details.

Web Interface

  • Now it is possible to filter the History of transactions by currency.

  • Now only active clients can change their 2FA details.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


Administrative Panel

  • The status of rejected documents did not change after late approval on the SumSub side. Now the status is inherited from SumSub as intended.

  • It was not possible to create custom limit thresholds for a person if there was a limit with an extremely low minimum value. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

The Help button could lead to instead of opening an email client. Now the issue is fixed and an email is initiated with the pre-filled recipient from the White Label’s configs.

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