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[2023] Crassula Release Week 43

core v.23.10.10-23.10.12
client v.23.10.7-23.10.9

New Features

2FA functionality for currency exchange

Implemented 2FA functionality into the currency exchange workflow, enhancing transaction security. Users can now enable two-factor authentication to better protect their accounts and prevent accidental transactions in Web and Mobile Interfaces.

See Currency exchange for more detail.

Expanded services in EU with ClearBank

Crassula now supports euro multicurrency accounts and TARGET2 transfers in the EU region in collaboration with the ClearBank provider. Further enhancements and details related to this subject will be announced in upcoming releases.



  • Modified endpoints used for monitoring and confirming legal document announcements:

    • GET /api/clients/{clientId}/privacy-announcement -> GET /api/clients/{clientId}/privacy-announcements

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/privacy-announcement -> POST /api/clients/{clientId}/privacy-announcement/{id}

  • Added 2FA to the /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange endpoint.

  • Introduced a new endpoint, POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/account-name-check, which verifies the payee's bank account details before initiating a transfer.

See Banking API for details.


  • Added the display of the Remitter Bank Name on the Huntli side. Previously, only the bank name was shown for outgoing transactions; now it's also visible for incoming ones.

  • Introduced processing of crypto transactions through Huntli. Additional fields are now transmitted to Huntli, allowing clients to identify and monitor the cryptocurrency transactions on their end. See Huntli for more information.

See Transactions for more detail.

Web Interface

  • Added matching icons for the GUSDT and GTETH cryptocurrencies.

  • Legal document announcements are now visible in the Web Interface, and users can configure document types based on their company's country.

  • Renamed the Suspended account status to Inactive.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, clients who switched the language to Russian and attempted to download an XLS report encountered a 500 error. This issue is resolved, XLS and PDF reports are currently only available in English. See Reports for more information.

  • Users encountered an issue where the Status changed by field in Banking>Accounts showed the account activator instead of the last modifier. This issue is resolved. See Accounts for more detail.


  • Previously, users did not receive detailed information about batch payment validation errors. The issue is fixed, and now a more comprehensive error description is available in the batch payments section.

  • Enhanced the manual transaction declining logic in the Administrative Panel: Previously, only individual transactions were shifted from Completed to Declined. Now, declining a parent transaction will also set related transactions, including fees, to Declined. If a transaction can be rejected but has pending child transactions, a dialog will show the ongoing transactions. Once they complete, the option to decline becomes available.

See Transactions for more information.

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