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[2023] Crassula Release Week 50

core v.23.12.3
client v.23.11.8-23.12.1

New Features

Custom agreement checkboxes

Now it is possible to create custom agreement checkboxes with unique names. Error texts can also be customized for cases when the new checkboxes are not set. The functionality is enabled in system configs. Contact your manager for configuration details.

Processing of profile updates in Huntli

Previously, client details were shared with Huntli only at the moment of profile creation. Now updated client details are also sent to Huntli for processing. Contact your manager for details on the solution.


Administrative Panel

  • Now Agent profiles can be configured to work with Expiring documents and Identification requests. All the corresponding access roles are implemented. See Agents for details.

  • Now it is possible to activate company and personal profiles when their names exceed 50 symbols but all symbols exceeding the number 50 will be cut off. The functionality is available only for Railsr.

  • The Date field is removed from the Legal document announcement window. Additionally, if the Text field is updated, the clients will have to agree to the changes.

  • The new Client Tags filter is implemented for Transactions to filter out tagged clients and their transactions. See Transactions for details.


  • The POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/internal model is updated with descriptions for the details and templateName.

  • The new tfa_by_scope config of client_tfa_required is implemented to define which groups of methods will require 2FA. The following scopes are available:

    • transfers: true

    • client: true

    • exchange: true

    • tfa: true

    • card: true

    • open_api: true

  • The new PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/application-forms/{applicationFormId} method is implemented to assign an existing application form to a client.

  • The POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/sepa method is provided with an updated description in the API documentation.

  • The POST /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/crypto method is provided with an updated description in the API documentation.

  • The POST/api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/crypto method is provided with an updated description in the API documentation. The 500 validation error is changed to 422.

See Banking API for details.

Web Interface

  • The exchange rate is now rounded to two numbers after the decimal separator. The execution rate will not be affected.

  • The Recipient name field can now contain numbers to allow the names of some companies.

See Banking Web Interface for details on the main functionality.



Empty body in the PUT https://client.crassula.localhost/api/tags/object/client/{{clientId}} endpoint led to the 500 error. Now the 422 error is sent to provide a detailed description.

Web Interface

The Pay again button in transaction details was leading to internal transfers. Now the issue is fixed and works as intended.

Upcoming Updates



The following changes will be implemented in Banking reports:

  • The Beneficiary column will be renamed to Account Holder.

  • The Beneficiary Status column will be renamed to Account Holder Status.

  • The new Account Status column will be created.


Now the Contact support button in the Password change emails leads to an email creation. A new system config will be implemented: When enabled, the Contact support button will lead to an external link defined in the configs.

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