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Payout is an additional instrument for merchants that provides a way to make payments to their users (for example, when a merchant sends prize money to a user). The process is executed as follows:

  1. A payout is initiated by a merchant via the Merchant Dashboard.

  2. The payout is pre-approved by an Administrator via the Admin Panel if the configuration is set in the merchant's profile.

  3. The payout request is sent to the defined Operator.

  4. The Operator processes the payout.

  5. The defined User receives the payment.

The process requires only an account/card number of the recipient User. Therefore, there are no personal details available in the Administrative Panel.

The Payouts tabs provide the list of all payout transactions executed on the platform. All transactions are created by merchants and executed by external service providers.

There are two payout tabs in the left sidebar (the interfaces are identical):

  • Payouts - The tab includes the primary list of payout and the related details (such as sums, status, and providers).

  • Payouts (pre-approval) - The pre-approval list includes the payouts that are to be approved by an Administrator via the Admin Panel. The pre-approval option can be configured at the moment of a merchant profile creation. Therefore, no payment can be executed without administrative approval providing an additional security level. The pre-approval payouts are also duplicated in the primary transactions list.

Find, review, and edit payout details using the tabs.

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Opening the item

Follow the steps below to see a list of payouts:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.

  2. Click eCommerce on the left sidebar.

  3. Select a relevant Payouts menu item to open the list.

Follow the steps below to browse transaction details:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.

  2. Click eCommerce on the left sidebar.

  3. Go to the relevant Payouts menu item.

  4. Click Show in a line to open the corresponding details.

Component parameters

The list of payouts created by merchants




Demonstrates unique payment identification numbers.

Created at

Demonstrates the date and time of payout creation.


Defines the payout status:

  • Opened - the payout is created and not processed yet.

  • Completed - the payout is successfully executed by the service provider.

  • Waiting_approval - the payout requires additional approval from an Administrator.

  • Failed - the payout is not processed by the service provider due to errors that occurred.

  • Canceled - the payout was manually canceled.

Once a payout is complete it is not possible to change its details. In order to manage the details, the payout status is to be rolled back manually.


A merchant initiating a payout.

Provider name

A service provider executing a payout.


The payout sum.


The payout currency.


  • Click Show to open payout details with no right to edit them.

  • Click Approve to confirm the payout and execute it. The action is available in the Payouts (pre-approval) tab.

  • Click Decline to decline the payout execution. The action is available in the Payouts (pre-approval) tab.

Top sidebar

  • Create single payout – manually create a payout to a User.

  • Create mass payout – manually create a payout to several Users at once. The list of payout details is to be imported as a CSV/XML file.

  • Help – Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

All payouts are created automatically by service providers; therefore, the transaction creation functionality is designed for testing and/or exceptional cases.

Configuring the component

Payout details window provides an overview of a payout payment.

Payout details

Most of the parameters correspond with the Payouts List, though there are a few additional parameters present.



Balance modified

The parameter defines whether the payout amount has been debited from the merchant’s account.

  • If set to No, the payout is executed in a sandbox project and is not meant to debit sums from the merchant’s account.

  • If set to Yes, the payout is executed in an active project and will result in debiting sums from the merchant’s account.

Updated at

The field provides the date when the payout request was changed for the last time (for example, after the status update).


Additional message provided by an Administrator.


An Operator to process the payout request. An operator- a licensed payment service provider - is responsible for withdrawal transactions. It is possible for the merchant to have agreements with several Operators to divide incomes and payouts by projects or transaction types.

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