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Merchant payment system is one of the key Crassula products delivered as a ready-to-go solution for eCommerce services. The system is primarily designed to be used as a gateway for operating merchant payments and managing merchant profiles. It can be included in Crassula Core Banking or implemented into an existing external service.

Main functionality

Merchants - the merchant payment service requires a system to add new clients, edit their profiles, and provide them with online support if necessary. It is also possible to configure payment routing for each merchant defining service providers to execute payments.

Projects - Crassula provides a way to separate merchant services as projects that can be configured and analyzed in the Administrative Panel and Merchant Dashboard.

Promo and Gift Codes - setting up special offers and discounts is an essential part of eCommerce that allows to increase the turnover.

Users - the payment system provides a solution to view all users who made the payment to a merchant.

Credit cards and Transactions - manage all cards and transactions in the system to fulfill the compliance requirements.

Settlements - configure and manage payments to merchants' external accounts. The system ensures that they receive their income after all payments are complete.

Payouts - configure and manage payments from the merchants' accounts to customer cards.

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