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[2023] Crassula Release Week 18-19

core v.23.05.5-23.05.6
client v.23.05.1-23.05.2



Implemented verification for multiple endpoints: The endpoints related to adding a phone number and requesting a verification code now require verification. To pass the verification process, users must have a verified email and an active account status. See the list of affected endpoints below:

  • Adding a phone number during the registration process:

    • POST /phone-verification/request

    • POST /clients/{clientId}/phone-verification/request

  • Adding a phone number to the user’s profile:

    • POST /phones

    • POST /clients/{clientId}/phones

  • Re-requesting a verification code when adding a phone number to the user’s profile:

    • POST /phones/{id}/send

    • POST /clients/{clientId}/phones/{id}/send

See Banking API for details.

Web and Mobile Interfaces

Improved the user verification workflow: If the verification process is incomplete due to expired documents, any newly created transactions are temporarily put on hold. A pop-up message will appear, guiding users to contact customer support and update their expired documents to proceed.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for details.


  • Implemented a new workflow for the clients of Clear Junction and ClearBank who attempt to perform a transaction with a zero interledger account balance. In such cases, the transfer process is temporarily suspended, and the account owner is promptly notified via email to replenish the account. If the transaction remains incomplete within 48 hours (without account replenishment), it is declined, and the corresponding fund crediting transaction is also declined.

  • Introduced validation for the "Add description" field in internal and local transfers. The maximum permissible length of the text in this field is now limited to 35 characters.

  • Enhanced the workflow for creating the swift_railsbank_manual transactions. Interledgers will now have the Completed status instead of being transferred to Pending and waiting for approval, as is the case with the main transaction.

See Transactions for more detail.


Implemented restrictions regarding the number of registrations allowed per hour from a single IP address, as well as the overall number of registrations per hour. When the quota is exceeded, the API will generate an error response with the status code 429 and the Registration quota is exceeded. Please come back later. message.


Web Interface

  • Previously, users with enabled 2FA experienced issues when changing the password via the Security tab. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Users encountered issues with the accurate presentation of transaction statements while generating PDF files. Now the issue is fixed, the Account number and Wallet address parameters are now correctly displayed. For multicurrency accounts, each currency is now presented in a separate table.

See Banking Web Interface for details.

Administrative Panel

  • Previously, Blackthorn admins with the Agent access role using attached API keys could not reach reports of the companies they had access to. Now the issue is fixed, and the company reports are fully accessible for the mentioned access role.

  • Formerly, users encountered an issue when publishing new standard price lists. Now the issue is fixed: When a draft of a standard price list is published, the previously published standard price list becomes a draft. The behavior for non-standard price lists remains unchanged.

  • The Admin > Banking > Transaction > Show > Created by section used to display the name of the user who completed the transaction with the Draft status instead of the user who initially created it. The issue is fixed.

  • Users encountered an issue while creating a ClearBank Real GBP account: During the account activation process, the client’s name was displayed instead of the account name, and the account number in Crassula was displayed instead of the client name. Now the issue is fixed.

See Access roles, Accounts, and Transactions for more detail.


The DELETE status of the GET /api/price-list/list method was not documented. Now the issue is fixed, and the status is added to the API documentation.

See Banking API documentation for details.


An issue with duplicating transactions occurred when transferring funds to an external blockchain address belonging to the same Fireblocks workspace account. Now the issue is resolved.

See Transactions for more detail.

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