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[2023] Crassula Release Week 27

core v.23.07.2-23.07.4
client v.23.07.1-23.07.2

New Features

Introducing new endpoint

Added the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/accounts/available-currencies-for-new-account method. The new endpoint retrieves a list of currencies eligible for new account creation.

Each currency is accompanied by an array of countries where this currency is feasible for account creation. Should an asterisk (*) appear in place of a country within this list, it denotes universal availability of that currency for all countries.


Mobile Interface

  • Enhanced the transaction workflow: Now, in case of a 500 error occurring during a payment confirmation, users are redirected to the application's main screen.

  • Improved wording on the Account details screen: Replaced the Available currencies section name with Supported currencies.

See Banking Mobile Interface for additional details.

Web Interface

  • Improved the error message text for cases when unverified users try to perform a currency exchange or a payment.

  • Enhanced the transaction workflow: Now, after clicking the Pay again button users are redirected to the Settlement to card screen instead of the Payments & transfers dashboard.

See Banking Web Interface for details.

Administrative Panel

  • Added validation for the Name field when creating FX markup fees: The name should be composed of a minimum of 3 symbols and a maximum of 75 symbols. While special symbols are permissible, the use of emojis is not allowed.

  • Introduced the Client filter to the Reports > Banking > Charged Fees section: Now users can filter the charged fees by client’s name. See Fees for more information.

  • Enhanced visual appearance of the Access roles section.


Changed the /api/public/register/full method configuration: Now it implies using countryCode, city, postalCode, state, addressLine1, and addressLine2 optional parameters. The corresponding Country, City, Postal code, and Address line1 fields are mandatory in the Administrative Panel.

See the Banking API page for more detail.


Mobile Interface

Users could not add new email address and change the default one when being suspended. Now suspended users can add new email and modify the default one.

See Banking Mobile Interface for additional details.


  • Previously, the GET /exchange/api/rate/{from}-{to}/{amount} and the GET /exchange/api/rate/{type}/{from}-{to}/{amount} methods returned the 500 error code when providing invalid values. Now the 500 error code is changed to the 422 error code.

  • Creating orders via the POST /exchange/api/order/process method without specifying the currency rate led to the 500 error. Now the issue is fixed and the error code is changed to 404.

See the Banking API page for more detail.


Transactions were declined if a template was saved without mandatory name parameters. The issue is fixed by adding a verification step to the relevant section of the code and the functionality now operates as expected.

See Transactions for more detail.

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