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[2023] Crassula Release Week 33

core v.23.08.5-23.08.6
client v.23.08.4-23.08.5

New Features

Clear.Bank currency exchange

Now Clear.Bank delivers currency exchange solutions. The functionality is provided directly by ClearBank and does not require any interledgers. See Clear.Bank for additional details.

Contact your manager for configuration details.


Administrative Panel

  • Only the Client > List access role is now required to set up filters for Banking Reports. See Access roles (Administration) for details.

  • Manual approval and decline are now available in transaction logs.

  • The Suspend/Unsuspend button is implemented for Clear.Bank accounts. The functionality is provided for all Clear.Bank accounts except for GBP Virtual. See Accounts for details.

  • Drafted price lists are no longer shown in personal profiles in the Admin Panel. See Price lists for details.

  • Now you can define the STARTS_WITH field when filtering card transactions by Card Mask in eCommerce > Transactions. See Transactions (eCommerce) for details.


  • The new GET ‚Äč/api/reports/banking/fees-charged.{format} endpoint is created to request banking accounting reports via API.

  • The Agreen and AgreedTos fields are updated for /register/full and /register endpoints to correspond to the type of a requested docuemnt.

See Banking API for advanced details.


The Hold status is implemented for interledger transactions to avoid situations when an interledger transaction is declined while the initial transaction is complete. The implemented solution allows White Labels to process problematic transactions.

Web Interface

  • The Document not found pop-up window is implemented. The window is shown when no legal document is created for the sign-up page. Previously, the page was constantly loading.

  • The new pop-up window is implemented for the error 500. Now the message is more precise and noticeable.

See Banking Web Interface for details.


Administrative Panel

An unexpected error occurred when opening the Reports->Banking->Charged fees report if it contained any other commission types besides FX markups. Now the issue is fixed and the functionality works as intended.


An error occurred when filtering merchant transactions by payouts. Now the issue is fixed and the functionality works as intended.

Web Interface

The Sort code field remained blank when creating an FPS transaction from a template. Now the issue is fixed and the functionality works as intended.

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