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[2023] Crassula Release Week 35

core v.23.08.10-23.08.12
client v.23.08.8-23.08.9


Administrative Panel

  • Improved the Account->Show->Transaction screen: Now all the transactions are sorted by the created_at parameter.

  • Moved the Transaction Decline button from the Transaction list to the transaction Actions menu.

See Transactions for more information.


  • Implemented validation of multiple parameters for the following API methods
    POST /api/clients/{clientId}/issued-cards/{cardId}/activate
    POST /api/price-list
    PATCH /api/client-fee/fx-markups/{fxMarkupFee}
    POST /api/client-fee/fx-markup
    PUT /api/client-fee/fx-markups/{markupId}
    POST /api/client-fee/transfer-fee
    PUT /api/client-fee/transfer-fees/{feeId}
    POST /api/clients/{clientId}/open_api/profiles
    POST /api/clients/{clientId}/open_api/consent/confirm
    PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/person-password
    POST /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/methods
    POST /api/clients/{clientId}/tfa/validate-code
    PUT /api/clients/{clientId}/password

  • Changed the variable name for the Legal document of the /api/public/legal-documents/{type} endpoint: Renamed document_url to documentUrl.

See Banking API for details.

Web Interface

Improved the wording in the Politically Exposed Persons pop-up window.

See Banking Web Interface for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • Previously, users with numerous items on the Reports->Banking->Charged Fees page might encounter a 500 error. Now the issue is resolved.

  • An issue arose when using the agent API key to create companies or persons. Under Reports->Banking->Accounting ->All, only amounts for the agent's company were shown, omitting companies or persons assigned to the agent. This issue is resolved.

See Administrative Panel for more information.


  • Changed the inconsistent error code for the Quota for the requested operation is exceeded error when the SMS quota was reached, from 502 to 429. Additionally, improved the wording of a notification message in the Web Interface.

  • Previously, the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/company-details endpoint lacked a description for the 404 error when attempting to retrieve company details with a non-existent company ID. A proper description has now been added to the error.

  • Webhooks from the Railsr provider were not previously logged. We've now added logging for incoming callbacks for the Railsr provider.

See Banking API for details.


Previously, there was an issue where recurring fees weren't charged even though they were assigned via custom price lists. This is resolved. To enhance the workflow, whenever a new subscription is created, all standard price lists are set to drafts, and users are informed of these changes via a pop-up window

See Fees for more detail.


  • Previously, the IBAN for CHAPS payments could only be specified via an API call. This issue is resolved by adding the ability to specify the IBAN directly from the Web Interface.

  • An error occurred while processing the recall transactions with the Litas SEPA provider. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Users encountered an issue when transactions remained in draft status on Crassula's side, but were marked as completed on the provider's side. Improved the code to address this discrepancy.

  • Users previously faced an issue when editing the recall transactions. The functionality now works as intended.

See Transactions for more information.

Web Interface

Previously, users encountered issues with the mechanism responsible for masking the recipient's name in certain transactions. This mechanism is now disabled, and transactions display the full recipient's name.

See Banking Web Interface for additional details.

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