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[2023] Crassula Release Week 4

core v.23.01.14-23.01.18
client v.23.01.10-23.01.12

New Features

Account statements for Vaults

Now account statements are available for Vaults in the Savings section of the Web Interface. You can download the statement for a selected Vault and access all the transactions starting from the first account deposit. See Banking Web Interface for additional details.

Public IDs for companies

Now the Public ID functionality is implemented for companies. The parameter is generated automatically when a company profile is created, manual configuration is available in the Admin Panel. See Companies for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • Now the list of Vault accounts is highlighted in the Accounts section of a personal profile. See Persons for functionality details.

  • Closed accounts cannot be set as Primary via the Admin Panel. The Mark as Primary button is automatically disabled after account closure. See Accounts for functionality details.

Web Interface

  • Now the Available currencies field is also supported by mono-currency accounts when opening their Account details.

  • The amount validation message is improved for all transfer creation windows. Now it makes it clear that transfer limits are breached.

  • Network details are now provided for BAT in the Top up window.

  • The Ethereum network is renamed to ERC20 in all the related fields.

  • The ETC cryptocurrency is provided with an icon.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details on the functionality.


Administrative Panel

The Show more button triggered an error when accessing the Identification request logs. The issue occurred when an enormous amount of responses had to be shown. Now the issue is fixed and the list of responses is split into pages as expected.

Exported documents

Account currencies were always set to EUR when exporting a statement for an account with zero balance. Now the issue is fixed and the currencies are set accordingly.

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