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[2023] Crassula Release Week 5

core v.23.01.19-23.02.1
client v.23.01.13-23.02.2

New Features

The new alert of black-listed countries

The new alert window is implemented to inform administrators of black-listed countries in the Admin Panel. The functionality covers the following use cases:

  • Creating a client profile with the address in one of the countries black-listed in the system configs.

  • Making a transfer to a recipient from a black-listed country. ​

The alert is triggered if the following configurations are present:

  • excluded_countries: ['<country_code>']

  • excluded_transfer_countries: ['<country_code>']

Contact your manager for additional configuration details. See Persons, Companies, and Transactions for the related use cases.


Administrative Panel

  • The Logs tab is provided for personal and corporate profiles opened in Railsbank (Railsr). Now you can access logging details of every update sent to the service provider. See Persons and Companies for details on the functionality.

  • CurrencyCloud accounts opened for persons are provided with better logging. Now you can access logging details of every update sent to the service provider. See Accounts for details on the functionality.


  • The new BUSD (BSC) cryptocurrency is now available for the Fireblocks wallets.

  • An exchange rate can now be provided when transferring a cryptocurrency between networks.

  • Now cross rates are automatically provided if there are no direct quotes for a desired currency pair.

Web Interface

  • The Cards section is no longer available if a corresponding access role is disabled for the client.

  • Now crypto wallet addresses are not collapsed and can be copied right from the account preview.

  • Now the Account details window is available for accounts with the service provider set to None.

  • Now the Add funds and Account details functionalities are closely related. The Account details window is no longer available for accounts with the Add funds feature ​disabled.​

  • The new error window is implemented to inform clients of card issuing restrictions. The window is triggered if a client is attempting to issue an additional card when the only_one_card_per_client setting is enabled.

  • Phrasing and translation are improved for the Bulgarian language.

  • All lists and drop-down menus are now consistent in handling spaces between items.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details on the functionality.


Administrative Panel

In some cases, it was not possible to edit a fee created in a currency different from the supported currencies. Now the issue is fixed and such fee rules can be modified.

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