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[2023] Crassula Release Week 8

core v.23.02.10-23.02.13
client v.23.02.13-23.02.16

New Features

CurrencyCloud FX

The new CurrencyCloud exchange functionality is announced for future integrations. Contact your manager for configuration and testing details.


Administrative Panel

  • Now the Type column provides detailed information on the transaction type. The improvement covers exported reports on banking transactions. See Transactions for additional details on transaction types.

  • The Beneficiary name field in Transactions is now validated. The maximum number of the allowed symbols is also increased from 128 to 256. See Transactions for additional details.

  • Now it is possible to filter the list of Persons and Companies by the Agent who created the profile. See Persons and Companies for additional details.

  • The Provider number field is now validated when editing account details. Only numbers and letters are allowed starting from the update. See Accounts for additional details on the parameters.

  • The API Request log section is now loaded significantly faster. The loading speed is increased by 3 times.

  • Irrelevant parameters are removed from the transfer creation window. Now fiat related parameters are not shown when making crypto transfers. See Transactions for additional details on the parameters.

  • The Add new and Edit buttons are removed from the Transactions (hold) section.


  • The new beneficiaryBankCountry parameter is implemented for the /api/client/{clientId}/transfers-fee endpoint.

  • Now the response of the /api/clients/{clientId}/is-exceeded-client-limit endpoint provides detailed information instead of boolean values.

See Banking API for additional details.


The USDT (BEP20) cryptocurrency is now available for wallets opened by the Fireblocks service provider.


Fee settings for incoming transfers between own accounts are no longer overwritten by fee rules set for internal transfers. See Price lists for additional details on fee rules.

Web Interface

  • The Beneficiary country, Beneficiary city, and Beneficiary address parameters are implemented for the Local CHAPS transfer form. The functionality is available for the CurrencyCloud service provider.

  • Validation of amounts is improved for crypto transfers. The allowed number of fractional digits is increased from 7 to 16. Now smaller numbers can be set in the You send field.

  • Draft descriptions could not fit the respective field when their length exceeded 50 symbols. In such cases, the description text is now shorted and a tooltip is provided.

  • Phrasing and translation are improved for the Greek and Russian languages.

  • Primary accounts are no longer shown in the Dashboard after being deleted.

See Web and Mobile Interfaces for additional details.


Administrative Panel

  • Document type was always set to Other when importing documents via Crassula. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Some criteria for assigning a price list could be ignored if a client had a subscription plan and/or a client subtype, which led to wrong pricing rules set for the client. Now the issue is fixed and price lists are assigned as intended.

  • In some cases, disabled limits were suggested for selection when editing client profiles. Now the issue is fixed.


  • Several clients could not perform outgoing transactions due to a non-existent limit breach. Now the issue is fixed and limits are processed correctly.

  • In rare cases, an outgoing crypto transfer remained Drafted even though the order was filled on the Kraken’s side. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Multiple duplicates could be created for some incoming ClearJunction transactions due to import issues. Now ClearJunction transactions are imported as intended.


Interest rates were not accruing for some Vault accounts due to intermediate changes made previously. Now the issue is fixed and all Vaults are accruing.

Web Interface

The Withdraw all button provided a negative balance available for withdrawal. The issue appeared when the withdrawal fee equaled or exceeded the available amount. Now the issue is fixed and a corresponding error message is shown.

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